Tips on Choosing the Right Spare Part for Your Vehicle

Typically, short-lived parts with fast moving spare parts such as spark plugs, FZ09 Akrapovic exhaust, oil filters, gasoline filters, and air filters comprise three classes each of which has unequal prices and quality. Tips on How to Choose the First Spare Part is an original spare part that have good quality but in an expensive price. The second is the Japanese-made spare parts with good quality but the price is slightly cheaper.

Some automotive practitioners mentioned that the spare parts of this type are presented from the original spare parts suppliers, just not the same brand. The price is a bit cheaper because the brand is not necessarily buy. Third is the local spare parts, where this component is the original product in the domestic with affordable prices, but unfortunately the quality is also less good.

For customers who are still beginners in differentiating some types of it, it could be the victims of fraudulent practices from sellers of recalcitrant spare parts that use this condition to sell low quality parts at high prices, such as selling third-class parts with second-class or first-class prices. Although the possibility of purchasing spare parts is inevitable, there are many things that can be done to minimize the event. Also read our previous article on Car Components Caring Tips.

Buy at Official Shop Make an official shop as your primary choice to buy replacement parts. Official shop purchases can reduce the potential for purchase of fake spare parts. Although there is no guarantee that the product purchased is 100% genuine, but if it proves to be no or a problem occurs, the consumer may immediately file a complaint with the store with the consumer’s protective rights.

Identify the Character The easiest way to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit parts is by looking at the packaging. Original offspring are usually labeled with hologram stickers, whereas fake parts are usually not labeled with hologram stickers. In addition, the fake parts or curves of spare parts usually look rough, in contrast to the original spare part is really smooth. As for the wheels are usually the original feels lighter than local wheels that feel heavy. How to distinguish genuine and fake:



Do not be fooled by unique packaging with unusual colors. Or even packaging with the associated manufacturing logo though, Packaging or wrapping of the original spare part components, usually has a clearer color and writing than the counterfeit parts. And on one part of the packaging, there are defects.


Character buyers in Indonesia is one for all (one for all), which means always want a cheap price but good quality, must be durable, can be discounted at once go home bring gifts. These types of buyers are easy to gouge in the “asphalt” spare part traders. It cannot be denied, the price becomes one of the many reasons why consumers choose a particular spare parts. But keep in mind, if the merchant offers a sloping price for the spare parts of a particular vehicle brand, you need to be vigilant.


Most importantly, pay attention to the warranty provided by the seller. Usually original spare parts, there is a direct warranty from the vehicle manufacturer concerned. For example Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and so on. But if the seller only provide warranty shop or warranty distributor, this one needs to watch out for. Because the spare parts can be ascertained.

Material components used

After the packaging is opened, it will usually look the parts component in question. Even so at the time of opening it, a bit strong. Because the original spare parts in the box with the standard manufacturer, as in the strong-strong. You can pay attention in detail like