Essential Things on Choosing Riding Jackets

If you travel by motor, in addition to wearing a helmet as a protective device, it is advisable you also wear a motorcycle jacket or Leather Motorcycle Vest, motorcycle jacket can protect your body from wind, street dust even on some types of motorcycles there is also that can protect the rider from the collision with hard objects. Wearing a motorcycle jacket should be adjusted to weather conditions and your needs when riding a motorcycle. Here are some suggestions on choosing a motorcycle jacket according to driving conditions:

Leather jacket

Leather jacket is a multi-conditioner jacket, it can be worn in both hot and cold weather, suitable for daytime or nighttime wear. Leather jacket has a very good material, this material is not transparent and strong, other than that the material is also absorbing the quit jacket well so that makes the wearer feel comfortable. In addition to having advantages as a multi-condition jacket, leather jacket also has other advantages that are able to minimize and provide protection for the body from injuries due to accidents. In addition to having a value of comfort and safety, leather jacket also has a fashionable value (style) for people who wear it, in terms of style, the model of a quart jacket is not inedible by the times (everlasting). The many advantages of leather jacket, does not mean this jacket has no shortage, because it is made from leather jacket shortage is quick to cause odor, if stored in a humid place.

Synthetic jacket

Synthetic jacket is a kind of jacket that is similar to a leather jacket. But there are some differences between leather jackets with synthetic jackets, some of them are:

  • Material: leather jacket made of genuine leather (usually animal skin), whereas synthetic jacket is made from blend of leather and lubricant material.
  • Function: Leather jacket other than can be worn at night during the day can be worn, this is because the leather jacket has good sweat absorption, while synthetic jackets are not suitable to wear during the day, this is because this jacket does not have Good sweat absorption. But synthetic jackets remain reliable as well as fashionable jackets and these jackets are also relatively easy to clean.

Raining jacket

Jacket of rain coats that have waterproof properties, this jacket is suitable worn during rainy weather conditions, the air conditions are cool or at night. In addition to protecting the body from water sanctuary because the material is made of parachute materials make this type of jacket easy to clean and does not cause odor, and acts as a raincoat.

Jeans jacket

Denim jacket is a good type of jacket to wear during the day (not too hot) or night. This jacket has a thick knitted texture, able to reduce the wind to the body. This jacket has a good absorption but if exposed to water (after being washed / exposed to rain) takes a long time in the drying process. For jeans is not too difficult, so the color is not fast (dull), preferably when drying the jacket inside the jacket facing toward the sun so the outside of the jacket is slightly protected from the sun. This type of jacket is also often used as a club jacket.