Month: June 2019

Customer Care as a Factor for Business Success

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Every year, thousands of business are started with hard earned money from entrepreneurs who promise to invest their time and provide a product or service. These businesses then serve the purpose of income generation for several households around the world and the manufacture of products and services provides employment to several people. However, according to statistics only about 56% business survive past their 4th year.

Entrepreneurship: Risks and Returns

This is one of the most important reasons that entrepreneurship has become such a stigmatized word. People believe that entrepreneurship is eventually bound to fail and hence do not want to start a business venture. Instead, they would go for a secure job and seek employment in a venture that was once started by another entrepreneur. However, the pay in a job varies significantly from what an entrepreneur earns and the motivation that the both carry. However, the risks too are higher for an entrepreneur than they are for an employee.

What Causes a Business to Fail?

The most common belief among people is that the reason for a failure of a business is simply that the entrepreneur runs out of cash. However, this is not it. The real reasons for a business failing lies in the reason for that money running out. of these, one of the biggest reasons among these is the fact that several entrepreneurs fail to recognize a real demand from the consumers.

This, in essence, leads them to developing products that customers did not demand and hence will not buy. Of course, if you are an exceptional marketeer, you could invest huge loads of capital in creating a demand for your business and get some sales as a result. However, that too will require funds and you risk spending too much and hence running out of cash again. This sums up the issue in lack of demand.

However, moving on to a much more subtle problem in the reasons for failure of a business is that nobody answers the customers’ calls indicating to an issue in the customer care department. This is a major, yet undermined issue in the business failure factors. Without anyone dealing with the customers’ concerns, the probability of losing a customer skyrockets, which can be extremely harmful for your business because retaining a customer is much cheaper than acquiring a new one.

The Need for Inbound and Outbound Call centers

Therefore, to ensure that the business effectively deals with its customer and engages with them to retain them, any business requires a proper call center with 24/7 operations. This call center is not only meant to deal with customer queries over a phone call, but also to reach out to them for promotional content. This means that a single call center not only retains but also attracts more and more customers.

This is the difference between Inbound and Outbound Call centers. As the name suggests, an Inbound Call center is one that deals with Inbound calls that are calls directed to … Read More

How Much You Should Tip Movers

When we talk about moving it is a tough job and genuinely requires a lot of effort. You feel it’s a tough job and you get suppressed with it. Once the work is done you appreciate the company plus the person who has done it and then you usually tip the movers. This is certainly a confusing situation when you want to appreciate the mover and on the other hand, you don’t know how much you should tip. So in that case given below is the detail which` you can consider how much you should tip a mover.


Not all moving companies are basically equal. If you get anything less than excellent experience, you absolutely should not feel that you must hand over more cash. But if you think that the movers in NJ have gone above and beyond what you have actually thought off, hence certainly giving them some tip is a nice gesture to appreciate their effort.

Tipping your movers is suitable if:

  • They have come on the scheduled time
  • They finished your move in a shorter time period then you have actually thought off
  • They had to undergo extreme flights of stairs,
  • They out of the way went and helped you pack your things,
  • There was not any kind of damage while moving, or
  • They left you amazing with their customer service and professionalism

If they showed up late, damaged your things, or behaved in an unprofessional manner then you must keep your wallet in your pocket and there is no need of paying them anything extra. You should think wisely, evaluate on all the basis mentioned below and then further give some bucks.


There is no as such hard-and-fast rule to tipping movers but if you are going to tip, it’s generally best that you give every crew member a similar amount. If you are rather just dealing with one person, give the full tip to the head mover so that he can split it evenly among the whole crew.

As a guideline, most people usually tip the movers 5-10%. For example: if your move costs $1,200, you could give the crew any amount beginning with $60. If you have three movers, that works out to $20 each and is more than enough for the effort they have done.


If you are not comfortable giving any cash then it’s totally okay. You can always tip your movers in other ways that is like on a moving day. It’s almost definite that your movers are going to work very hard and they would be sweating so providing them cold refreshments will be a nice gesture. If your move is starting early in the morning, offer them with coffee and bananas to fuel them up for the day ahead. If your move runs over their lunch or dinner break, you could give them a simple meal like pizza or sandwiches. This is also a … Read More