Month: July 2019

Why Chauffeur Service Is A Good Option To Rent A Car In Dubai For Business Owners?


Wanna rent a car in dubai along with a driver? If yes then chauffeur service is the best option for you to avail. Chauffeur service is a type of car rental in which the driver included along with the car. Let say you are a businessman, who is visiting dubai for a business trip and you have to stay for some time here. In this case, how you can move around the city as you don’t own your car. You also don’t know the roads, places and good restaurants to eat. Chauffeur service dubai is the perfect answer to overcome all these issues.

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Most of the luxury car rental companies in dubai offer chauffeur services per day, weekly and monthly basis. You can also get a customized plan that will perfectly suit your needs. According to dubai law, you need a six-month valid driving license in order to drive a car or if you are a tourist then you have to show your international driving license. But business owners who visit the city just for the business purpose they don’t have time to waste in dubai terrible traffic. So by renting a car with a driver enable them to move around the city with much freedom. 

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Types Of Car You Can Rent

You have an option to rent a luxury or executive car with a driver. Cars like Audi 8, BMW 7 Series, Mercedes Benz S-class are some of the choices in sedan. But if you are coming with a group of more than 5 people then you can go for bigger cars or vans like Toyota Previa and Honda Odyssey that can entertain 7 people along with the driver. Suv’s like Toyota Land cruiser and Cadillac Escalade are also in great demand in the luxury car rental dubai market. Economy cars are not allowed by the driver to protect the service ambiance. 

Can You Acquire Chauffeur Service On Long-Term?

Yes, you can and register chauffeur service companies give you different rental plans that tailor to your needs. In your contract, you need to ask questions like the duration of the contract, how many hours you need service per day, what type of car you need and insurance documents. You will get a good discount if you book the service in advance and on a long term basis. 

There are some great benefits of chauffeur service dubai that makes it a perfect choice to opt for your business trips. 

Saving Time

They are lifesavers, As chauffeurs are professionally trained drivers and they know the city very well. They also know all the shortcuts and understanding of roads with terrible traffic load. A chauffeur will make sure that you will always be on time. If you live in dubai, you already know that finding parking is a big headache, but once you have a private driver, you don’t need to think about it. Here You can hire Chauffeur Read More

How to Prevent Monetary Loss in a Restaurant Business


One of the most common problems that restaurant owners face is employees stealing from them. Even if you claim that you know and trust your employees well enough. Workers can still get tempted to take some of the money in the cash register or steal some of your bulk olive oil supplies in the pantry. You can never predict this kind of scenario which is why it is crucial for you to always be on the lookout in your business. 

One of the reasons employees steal from a business is because they can get away with it. It means that the company lacks security and has an imperfect process. If any of your employees do this to your business, then you will most likely end up filing for bankruptcy in just a matter of time. So, here are some tips to prevent financial loss in your restaurant business.

You should have records of all your sales

Running a restaurant business can take up a lot of your time. However, this should not be an excuse for not knowing your daily sales figures. It is an excellent idea to invest in a POS system that can efficiently monitor all the food and drinks that are being served to customers. Also, be careful when it comes to cancellations of orders. Not all employees should have access to void sales. A manager or supervisor should only have access to change them in the POS system. 

Limit your freebies or giveaways

It is usual for restaurant owners to give freebies or items to lucky customers. However, if you do not put a limit on these giveaways, there could be a possibility that it can end up in the wrong hands. Employees can keep the freebies instead of giving them to deserving customers. There are even cases where they sell the freebies for a lower price so they can earn extra cash. 

Conduct an inventory before the end of each working day

One of the most challenging things to monitor is kitchen stock and ingredients. There are cases where several employees try to steal ready-made food products like milk, meat, spices and cheese right from the supplier’s delivery truck. Since the restaurant is a bustling place, it can be quite challenging to monitor everything in real-time. So, it is best to regularly conduct a quick inventory of all the ingredients that are used for the day. All employees should be held accountable for the losses in the restaurant. 

Install CCTV cameras, especially at the counter

One of the most vulnerable areas for fraud inside a restaurant is by the cash register. Any employee can get tempted and steal some cash without anybody seeing it. They can also take a customer’s credit card information and use it for personal gains. It is better to be safe than sorry. Protect your business, employees and customers by installing CCTV cameras. 

Lastly, take into consideration hiring a security guard to look after the entire restaurant. 

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Why Dubai Is The Best Place To Setup Your Business [My Take]

Dubai is one of the best places when it comes to setting up a business because of its business-friendly policies. Dubai government offers tax-free business setup that encourages investors to invest in the city. One more thing that is also a deciding factor to come into dubai for investment is greater profit. As dubai, it has become one of the fastest markets not only in the middle east but also in the world. According to the UAE government, there are more than 180 country nationals lives here that make dubai a potential market to invest the capital. But as a newbie what you can do if you don’t know anything about business set up procedure here. Business setup services in dubai are your only option to choose. You need to hire a company that knows all about the business setting process and procedure. 

Dubai is a place where everything works under the law and you can’t set up anything without acquiring a license. In general, UAE offers 30+ free zones in all of its 7 emirates and dubai is a hot zone when it comes to business. In this article, I will discuss the reasons why business enterprises choose dubai to expand their business endeavors. All In All, Whether you are looking for company management services in dubai or offshore company formation services you are in the right place to get the answer. 

Advantages of Setting Up Business in Dubai

Dubai offers endless opportunities and benefits to all investors. When it comes to set up business here. Things like the flexible tax system, location, progressing economy are some of the advantages that any business needs in order to flourish. Here you can consult for the business setup from the leading Business consultants in Dubai.

Fair Tax System

If you ask any businessman, they will tell you that tax system is the most discouraging and annoying part of every business. Because business wants to make money and if they have to share the most chunk of their profit as tax, they likely don’t want to do business there. Dubai government ensures a flexible tax policy to all business holders that appreciated by all businessmen. Dubai offers 0% tax on companies and this is the reason companies love to do business here. Contact any business set up service provider in dubai for updated tax policies. 

Strong and Progressing Economy

Dubai is the fastest-growing economy in the whole middle east. This is due to friendly policies, a peaceful environment and investor’s trust in this emirate. According to experts, UAE demography consists of young, educated and skillful. These youngsters are the future architects of this region’s prosperity and stability. 

UAE Geo Location

Geostrategic location of dubai is perfect, all Asian, African and middle east markets are nearby. This is the main reason companies set up their headquarters in dubai to manage all these regions. 

Easy Business Setup

Company formation in dubai is super easy and you can up and run your business in … Read More

How To Make Your Event Successful In Dubai – Tips Straight From Pros

Successful events are the result of day and night hard work of individuals who give their all to make an event flawless. Their number one priority to please the audience in the best possible way. While organizing an event, you have to face some ups and downs and a good event planner is the one who faces all the challenges with intelligence. 

In dubai, due to big brands and corporations corporate events have become a norm. Even now small-sized companies are organized events to appreciate the employee’s work. The client always has big expectations from event management companies in dubai that they will make their event a huge success. In order to meet the expectation event companies have to work really hard. Its a hit and miss situation so you have to show your best game. 

Here are some killer tips that will help you to organize better events. If you apply these tips effectively then you can beat the competition and make a stable career as a event organizer. 

Set Clear Objectives

You should be clear from the first day about your decision and their impact on event. Setting clear cut objectives will help to measure the effectiveness of your decision after the event. You should be clear about which vendors and suppliers you are going to use. You should know the client’s requirements and how to turn client vision into reality. 

Teamwork Win Matches

Teamwork is very critical and you can’t win matches with a weak team. Maybe once in a while but not consistently. So try to spend your time to build a strong team who understands your vision. A team whom you trust will be a winning combination that you need in order to make an event successful. 

Photography and Cinematography 

Pictures and videos are the bread and butter of any events. How somebody you have organized an event if you don’t post photos or videos on social platforms like facebook and Instagram. If you create a killer content then it will automatically get the recognition it deserved. There is no better marketing strategy other than social media. It is a huge market that you can use to generate leads for your business. If you check the social media pages of reputed event companies in dubai, you will notice that they emphasizing a lot to engage people on these platforms.

Understand Your Audience

If you are not good at this then believe me you are lacking something big as an event planner. Understanding their culture, sentiments and tradition will increase your chances to please the audience straightaway. Try to add this trait in your skillset and you are good to go. 

Respect The Budget Limitation

Always make your strategy by keeping in mind the budget because at the end of the day you don’t want to be at loss. So the event planning process should be directly proportional to the allocated budget. This is where your creative and smart thinking skills come into play because you … Read More