The Top 6 Dos of a Successful E-Commerce Website

With the introduction of advanced technology, it is not business as usual. Today the internet has become a really integral part of most business startups. From the simple integration of social media, email marketing, to website design the choices can be extremely endless. The best part is, the use of internet in business has given birth to a formidable e-commerce business setup too.

But let’s ask ourselves the most fundamental question; what is ecommerce? In order to understand the Dos of a successful e-commerce website, the answer to this question will form a really integral part of our discussion today.

The simplest definition of ecommerce that I can formulate is the process of transacting and facilitating business in the internet. The name ecommerce is usually a short form for electronic commerce or simply say electronic business.

The best examples of an ecommerce outfit include online shopping, electronic payments, internet banking, and online ticketing among other things. Typically there is more than one type of ecommerce that anybody could possibly engage in. They include business to business, business to consumer, or consumer to consumer etc.

When it comes to the Dos of a successful ecommerce website, the considerations are often so many. Nonetheless, here are some of the most common Dos that every successful ecommerce business owner will be able to highlight too.

Fast Internet Connection

The load time of your ecommerce website will be the difference of whether your customer stays and buys or leaves. A fast load time means they can access their products fast, save time, and energy.

Easy to Use Web Interface

How fast can your customer identify the product they need? Do they need to go through tons of instructions? If the web interface like the site is easy to use chances are they will enjoy it more and buy so often.

Availability of Fast Filters

An easy interface can be made complex by having to search for a product page by page in 1000 pages. Filters make the process easy. The use of extensions such as a search bar or product feed is cool.

Easy Payment Gateways

Think about it? How many payment gateways does your ecommerce website have? Do they support most of your customers or all of them? How convenient are they? This facilitates easy payment.

A Secure Website System

Security is paramount when it comes to ecommerce websites. Your customers will leave their details including name, location, and email addresses. They will also use their credit cards. You don’t want identity theft. You must secure your systems from hackers and to the customer benefit.

An Easy to Sign Up Portal

People fear leaving so much information behind. Don’t ask for so much and scare your customers away but rather the most important information when your customers want to sign up.


It is important to know and understand what is ecommerce? But at the same time it is important to know how to build an ecommerce system that works for you.