Social media for start-up businesses: #Launch!

“The reality is that you will — at some point — feel like an alien on earth.”

Chad de Freitas, founder of Maverick Coffee (his second start-up) comments in an Entrepreneur Mag article that during the start-up business journey, one is guaranteed to feel alone. He goes on to reassure the reader that this is a normal and treatable symptom: simply maintain a strong support system of friends and family.

And while the business owner may need emotional assistance, the start-up, in order to truly thrive, needs to rely on social media marketing services. Just so, social media triggers a dopamine high in the brain of the user – so it’s an emotional experience for everyone!


Why is social media essential to start-ups?

Funding is one of the central factors when attempting to establish a start-up business. When an idea, a pro to type, or perhaps a business model is ready to launch, one finds oneself in dire need of money. Debt financing may be the solution as one can retain control of the business but it is still advisable to be thrifty with the sum being borrowed. Social media is the ideal means to build a brand – especially if the marketing budget is tight. One can promote the business online, with less. Simultaneously build a hype and reach the feeling humans that are studying their newsfeeds and who stand to benefit from the products or services that are lined up. Quite plainly, not taking advantage of social media is a mistake.


Launch with social media

At the very least, be present. Social media makes it possible to drastically increase the exposure of the start-up. A major benefit of using social media to launch a start-up is the utter anticipation that can be created. Couple anticipation with education about the product and potential customers will accumulate. Posts are informative art; they shape the brand and can boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rankings as Google loves relevant, information-rich, active websites. Google advertising experts will confirm that marketing strategy equations have changed dramatically in the wake – and specifically growth – of social media.  A social launch is a bona fide success.


#But How?

Run promotions that offer reward and experiment with the demographic; make these aspects a solid part of the digital marketing strategy being employed. Active engagement is the goal and can essentially result in free marketing. Establish where the audience originates and how people heard about the start-up.


Continue posting after the launch too! The audience can follow the start-up’s progress which builds the brand’s reputation and credibility. New exposure can be gained and perhaps there are even future updates to be announced. Grab the audience’s attention and keep it. When the start-up is in the consumers’ hands, social media becomes a powerful customer support tool. Let the audience express itself openly and the brand skyrockets in terms of positive public perception.


Start-ups tend to have a unique culture. They ring with excitement; possibilities are at every corner. Appeal to the people who are key to exponential growth because they are waiting not-too-patiently behind their screens. It’s time for start-ups to immerse themselves fully – feeling alone means the available marketing channels are being neglected. Three-two-one: #Launch!

Source: 9 Essential Truth’s About Start-Ups