How To Increase The Success Of Videoconferences

Videoconferences are often huge successes or immense fails. Because of the fact that such an event can be so effective for promoting a business we often see videoconferences improperly organized. If you want to succeed you need much more than corporate AV systems. You also want to think about the following, among many others.

Preparing The Meeting

Organizers have to arrive a long time before the start of the conference so that the system can be properly tested. Distracting glare should be minimized and when uneven lighting is present you want to be sure that you use coverings for windows or for doors. Combining indoor fluorescent light with natural light is normally a bad idea since image quality will be affected.

Speaking about lighting, the room requires an adequate amount. When it is too dark problems appear. Do be sure a back communication channel is set up through instant messaging so that you can still communicate in the event the equipment fails. Finally, be sure people use solid pastel colors, muted colors or neutral colors. Red, white, bright colors, dots, stripes and plaids have to be avoided since they will cause distractions.

Effective Communication

The videoconference will surely be horrible in the event communication is not effective. Audio checks are needed before the start of the meeting with a focus on clarity. Normal voice should be used during speaking. If you shout, the setup is wrong. Be sure everyone is trained to talk straight into microphones. A common problem is seeing people that turn their heads while they talk.

Do assume everything is working well when you communicate as having frequent stops by asking if people can hear you is a very bad idea. Microphones have to be kept muted when not speaking for a longer period of time. The un-muted microphone is often seen as the main problem during videoconferences because of all the extra noise that is detected. Try to limit the excess movement as this looks really jerky while on a screen.

Etiquette Rules To Remember

As you have a videoconference with multiple sites you want to start comments with a name and location. This helps video equipment to be switched fast to site and will identify the speaker. If the microphone is on do be careful with potential side conversations, tapping sounds and paper rustle. All sounds you can hear will be heard by all the others and will be distractive.

If you have a question, be sure that you are clear who it is directed to. Delays can appear between when you ask and when an answer appears. Try to avoid causing echo and do look straight into the camera whenever it is possible. That will offer the impression you are always looking straight at the remote site.


At the end of the day it is planning that will have the biggest impact on the success or failure of any videoconference. The more you plan and test, the higher the possibility everything will go great when the big day comes.