4 Fresh Tips To Use Videos To Promote Businesses

Making videos is obviously a great idea since people from all around the world are starting to prefer this type of content over the traditional use of text and images. The problem is that most business owners think that the secret is to just create high quality corporate video production services. It is completely true that the quality of the videos will count a lot but what is even more important at the end of the day is how you are going to use the videos to promote the business.

You most likely know how to create great videos for promotion so here are some fresh ways to use them.

Webinar Promotional Videos

Hosting a webinar is common these days. If you do this, why not promote it with the use of a video? Add these videos to the registration pages and you will receive wonderful feedback while increasing the possibility people will attend. You just need a short video that would generate buzz. The main reason why you want to do this is to basically allow people to see presenters. Take it one step further and use clickable video thumbnails in promotional emails you may sent to your email database.

Add Signature Videos In Emails

Whenever being a part of a customer success or sales team you want to think about adding videos to email signatures so that you can connect more with customers. You want to think about a template that would be used for all members of the team. Then, you can use that to promote something in every single email. Even if you just present the team member it is a great way to add a face to the email and create a better connection with the one that is going to read the email.

Social Content Teasers

The idea is to create high quality long form content that you add to a site and then you promote it on social media through teaser videos. You do not want to simply add the long videos on the social networks as you want people to end up on your better landing pages. An extra video should be created with the use of creativity. Silent autoplay has to be embraced so that when the video appears in the newsfeed it will stand out. If you cannot do something complicated, just connecting the really important moments present in the long video is something to consider.

Product Update Videos

As you create a new product it is a certainty that there are different interesting things happening behind the scenes. How about creating videos to highlight those while offering updates people would see? Such an approach can create a lot more buzz than what many think. The only thing is that what is interesting for the people in the development team may not be that interesting for interested buyers. This is why you want to do some research and be 100% sure that what you add in the videos is actually of interest.