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Haven Convention with Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is an internationally recognized Christian who hails from Nigeria. He is the head of Christ Embassy, a religious institution, and church geographically located in Lagos. Through his leadership skills,the embassy has grown into an international ministry. The Bible –based ministry seeks to disseminate information based on spiritual matters. Prominently known as Chris Oyakhilome, he incorporates the church proceedings at different levels. Chris Oyakhilome and his ministry run multiple branches of Christian schools including Rhapsody of Realities, Innercity Mission created for children as well as Healing School. Among the television channels, he has initiated LoveWorld TV, LoveWorld Plus as well as LoveWorld SAT. These programs feature essential elements of Christianity and the way towards leading a fulfilling life.


Being a visionary as well as an instrumental person in the spiritual field, Chris received an honorary doctorate from the Ambrose Alli University as well as the University of Benson Idahosa. This was in 2015 following his contribution to the society. His ministry is prominent for holding meetings in different geographical areas including the United Kingdom as well as the United States. South Africa and Canada also place in which Chris’ contribution to the ministry of Christ has been extensive. Chris hosts conferences dubbed Higher Life in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana as well as the United Kingdom among others. He also chairs meetings like the Night Bliss of South Africa, an event that facilitates ministerial functions. Chris Oyakhilome also chairs international conferences for Christ in different countries. He is prominent for establishing the Ministry of International School.

Online Ministries

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome runs an online platform for prayers through social networks. He utilizes the social media platform to reach many believers in different countries. In 2013, it was approximated that he had 1.2 million fans on Twitter. On Facebook, he had approximately 30 million fans. His social media is a busy platform that encourages unity and Christianity. For Chris, Christ Embassy is the root of Christianity. He encourages his followers to be part of the fulfilling mission through social media use. His website is called Yookos. It operates on the basis of a smart phone called KingsChat. Aside from that, Chris is the author of Rhapsody of Realities. The website

Haven Nation

The Haven ministry was established with the objective of promoting worship through the Holy Spirit. The Haven ministry promotes worship through harvest. This is done through strengthening members economically as well as spiritually through ministries. The Haven Nation promotes evangelistic strategies through management. The organization is favored with strong financial resources that facilitate the spread of gospel ministries. As an arm of believers incorporated by Christ Embassy, Haven Nation is focused on recruitment, development as well as the promotion of kingdom financiers.


Through the instructions of the Holy Spirit, the Haven Nation was born to strengthen the stakes of the Christian teachers through the expansion of gospel ministries. This event is set to encourage believers in every spiritual way. The convention that takes two days has the objective of fulfilling the purpose of God through Christianity. It sets most Christians at peace with the word of God. On day one of the Haven Nation event, there was a transformative experience thanks to the efforts of Ifeoma Chiemeka. Members of Haven nation heed the call of Christianity through the ministries. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was the primary facilitator of the Haven Nation event.