A Marketing Plan That Does Work

A good friend of mine sent me an email not long ago that had an Amazing Selling Machine 11 review link in it. He had been trying to talk me into venturing into an online business, but this is the first time he had sent me a link to a review. I decided to watch it because I knew that he was serious about the two of us trying something online, and I am so thankful that he sent this to me. Amazon truly is the king of the retail world right now, and I do not see an end in sight for them.

Through my life, I have seen national retail chains go under. The stores that were popular when I was a kid are not even recognizable by my kids today. I think the same is going to be said about the stores they feel comfortable with now. I already see some of their favorites filing for bankruptcy, liquidating, and just going completely out of business after failed restructuring attempts. In my day, we would just see more modern shopping experiences pop up. Today, it is all different because it is just one store that is gaining most of the business, and that is Amazon.

I wanted in on the action after looking at the review that my friend had sent me. He has already made a successful transition into the online retail world, but I had never done that. Between his experience and my determination, I knew that we had a good chance of making this online venture work out for the two of us. We did end up going with the program, and we have not looked back since. We are not able to quit our day jobs yet, but I honestly feel that is just a short matter of time at this point.