Day: May 17, 2017

3 Invoicing Tips for Freelance Writers

Many freelance writers lead an eclectic professional life. One week, you’re writing promotional pitches for a locally-focused fast food chain; the next, you’re producing in-depth articles on the dangers of unhealthy eating. Furthermore, collecting payments from multiple clients can often prove confusing.  This is why writers are encouraged to utilize a number of practical tips when sending out payment requests. Putting the following pointers into practice will ensure that you’re able to collect client fees in a timely manner.

1. Be Prompt

Many writers are hesitant to send out invoices right away, as they feel it will come across as pushy. While this concern is somewhat understandable, it’s also very misguided. Most clients want freelancers to send invoices ASAP, since this enables them to process payments right away. The longer you sit on an invoice, the more likely you are to inconvenience a client. With this in mind, make a point of sending out all of your invoices within 24 hours of completing your jobs.

2. Be Professional

Even the self-employed need to exude an air of professionalism when dealing with clients – and this is particularly true when it comes to invoicing. For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you use a professional template from when putting together your invoices. The right template will enable you to succinctly break down the various tasks you performed, as well as how much time was spent on each task. This will ultimately make it easier for clients to understand exactly what they’re being charged for.

3. Be Even-Tempered

If a payment isn’t processed on the agreed-upon date, it behooves you to remain even-tempered. Flying off the handle and firing off a nasty email may make you feel better in the short term, but it may wind up costing you an important client. More often than not, late payments are the result of simple clerical errors and missed emails, so remember to maintain an air of patience and understanding when contacting a client about an unprocessed payment.

As is the case with any gig-based profession, freelance writing can be a tough way to earn one’s livelihood. However, if you’re able to attract a steady stream of regular clients and possess a solid work ethic, eeking out a living in this field is certainly doable. Whether you’re currently struggling as a writer or have a fair number of clients on whom you can rely, the pointers discussed above are sure to prove helpful when it comes time to collect payments.


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EscrowTech Announces Synchronized Software Escrows with GitHub Repositories


(Lehi, UT) Today more than ever software developers need to have access to a reliable partner who will keep their source code safe while making sure the end users maintain the ability to use the mission critical software should the worst happen. In an effort to meet this demand, EscrowTech International, Inc. launched software escrow services to provide developers, as well as end users with invaluable peace of mind.

“With our software escrow services, developers and users can mitigate the business continuity risks associated with a software license,” stated company representative Bryan Christiansen. “If you are responsible for creating mission-critical software applications, you need to provide your customers with some type of guarantee that you – or at a minimum, your source code – will be around in case they ever need maintenance, recompiling, updating or reinstallation. Even if you have a sterling reputation, your customers may want more than just your word if they are making a major software purchase.”

The software escrow service provided today is the something extra many customers are looking for. It is a method of reducing risk when there are two, or more, parties that are working to negotiate a software license. By using source code escrow services, the source code will be placed in a secure account and held by a reputable independent third party.

“With our services, if the software developer is unable to support their product for the reasons outlined in the escrow agreement, such as merger acquisition, obsolescence or bankruptcy, the licenses are still going to have access to the source code needed to keep the mission-critical applications up and running,” continued Christiansen.

With the software escrow solutions provided by EscrowTech, parties can enjoy smoother negotiations, establish confidence by addressing concerns of potential licensees and provide safe storage of the source code, along with other materials with a single company rather than scattered across several customers. The additional security and peace of mind make the services invaluable for modern businesses.


EscrowTech offers “two site” storage for source code, IT assets, documentation, intellectual property and other types of technology materials to provide added retention security at no additional fees. The company offers clients 24-hour armed protection, as well as 24-hour electronic surveillance. The vault is also constructed with fire retardant material and located inside of a granite mountain. Thanks to the unique construction, the location is natural disaster proof and meets the federal standards regarding temperature, humidity and other factors for archival storage.

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