Day: May 11, 2017

How to Apply for a Business Loan in India: 3 Easy steps

A business loan application can have many stumped but it needn’t be like that. As a business owner, the ability to acquire loans as a source of fundraising is a critical aspect that propels growth as well as sustenance. In fact given the current economic climate, loan applications have been made easy enough as approvals also come rough sooner rather than later. This is provided everything is in place and the lender whether it is a bank or a non-banking financial institution is satisfied.

To make understanding this simpler we have broken down the process into 3 easy steps.

How to apply for a business loan in India:

Step 1:

The first thing that the applicant needs to determine is the eligibility. Even before you go ahead with the application in any shape or form it is important to research and assess whether your current business or the business proposition that you have in mind qualifies for a loan. Eligibility requirements might vary slightly for different lenders but for he most part the basic criterion remains standard for almost all. This includes

  • Age limit (varies between 21 to 25 years minimum and 55 to 65 years maximum)
  • Business that is already in existence should be profit making for the last two years
  • A good credit score
  • Proven records of cash flow in existence and a minimum annual income of Rs.150000 (this will also depend upon the amount of loan that is being applied for)
  • Collaterals in place

In addition to this there might be some additional requirements that might be specific to the institution and their processes. These need to be considered at the research stage.

Step 2:

The second step in the process of how to apply for a business loan is to get all the documents ready. While some basic documentation remains the same through most institutions, again, there might be slight variable differences that apply from institution to institution. For e.g. non-banking lending institutions might not be so rigid about certain documents while banks might be. A basic list will include:

  • Proof of identity
  • Financial statements for the last couple of years including profit and loss statements, income tax returns, cash flow statements etc.
  • Proof of Age (PAN Card)
  • Business plan- the business plan is extremely critical for a new business when applying for a loan. The business plan needs to contain detailed information about the idea, the profitability model, the growth plan, the marketing strategy as well as numbers with regards to staff and assets purchase. For a business that is already in existence, the plan can include the vision for the next five years, what is it that the funds are required for and what is it that they will be used for.

Assemble all the paperwork and get your documents in optimal shape before moving on to next step.

Step 3:

With the basics taken care of, the next obvious move to locate a relevant lending institution. There are a few factors that come … Read More

Denios, Inc. Launches Campaign to Increase Gas Cylinder Storage for Businesses


(Louisville, KY) Hundreds of different materials are currently packaged in compressed gas cylinders including poison gasses, refrigerant gasses, fuel gasses, atmosphere gasses, and other materials. The main hazards connected to the storage of these substances includes oxygen displacement, toxic effects, explosion hazards and potential physical hazards of ruptured cylinders. The requirements for housing compressed gasses safely is outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to ensure businesses with these materials on hand reduce the potential for injuries and damages.

In addition, to reduce the risk associated with Gas Cylinder Storage, DENIOS has launched a campaign encouraging businesses to utilize safe and approved storage methods.

“Our company is a worldwide leader, located in the U.S., of safety products and hazardous material storage buildings,” stated company representative Paul Halloran. “Our team is highly skilled and motivated, always searching for creative innovations and new ideas to help shape the future. We are dedicated to providing superior customer benefits by offering exceptional product quality, prompt delivery and superior customer communication and support.

According to the OSHA Code of Federal Regulations regarding compressed gas, it is necessary for employers to visually inspect the compressed gas cylinders to make sure they remain in “safe condition.” During visual cylinder inspection, workers should look for signs of corrosion, rusting, pitting, heat damage, signs of physical abuse, defective valves, bulging and leaks. If the cylinder is unable to pass the visual inspection they should be repaired and requalified. Businesses can also Buy Gas Cylinder Storage DENIOS to replace damaged cylinders in place.

Halloran continued, “At DENIOS, we pledge to be a confidence inspiring partner, a problem-solving service for all workplace and environmental protection safety applications. Our team is dedicated to ensuring businesses have the tools and information necessary to keep their place of work safe and hazard free, while reducing risk to employees. Businesses that are in need of storage solutions, will be happy to learn that this website sells gas cylinder storage containers.”

In addition to visual inspections, businesses must take further steps to prevent issues, including securing the cylinders to prevent rolling, falling or tipping. Business partners such as DENIOS can help ensure businesses have the tools and information necessary for a safe workplace environment that satisfies the compressed gas regulations in place.


DENIOS US is considered a worldwide leader in the storage and safety of hazardous materials. The team is extremely motivated and skilled that is always searching for new creative innovations and ideas, to make a positive impact and help shape the future. The company also provides a number of customer benefits by offering superior product quality, outstanding customer support, prompt delivery and communication.

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Know about the advanced technology and run your business successfully

There are numerous techniques available in this world and you can select any of them according to your need. If you want to run your business successfully then you should adopt the advanced technologies. Mobile trading is one of the most modern platforms for traders who want to explore their business. This platform can help you to earn more revenue from the trade market.

The world is changing and being modernized day by day and trading market is not an exception. If you want to stand successfully in the trade market then you need to know about the platforms that can help you to reach to the customers.

Mobile trading in detail

In these days mobile applications for trading can help you to run your business successfully from wherever you want. You need to download and install an application on your mobile and run your business. You can invest and follow the condition of the market by opening the application only. This mobile trading application can be the greatest media to know the news of the market. You have no need to give and extra effort to go somewhere and wait for something to follow the information about the trade market. This application detail is available on the online site of the Vortex assets.

Easy to use

The features of the applications are user-friendly. You can operate the application by following the instructions available on your mobile screen. Vortex assets can help you to get an easy to access application for trading successfully called MT4.


These mobile applications are available in the most of the smart phones. The application that you are going to use should be compatible to your mobile. There are different mobile applications for trading for iphone, android phones and more. If you are interested in any kind of online trading application platform then you should check its availability and compatibility. Vortex assets allow their users to use their mobile trading applications as well.

These above mentioned facilities are enough to make you understand how you can follow up your invested trade in the competitive market. But you need to know about the application and its uses in detail before starting use it.

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