What Lenders Look For When Approving A Business Loan

Small businesses and startups always have a rough time trying to secure a business loan from a variety of lenders. Whether you are looking to break to into a new niche or whether you want additional cash to inject into your enterprise, it’s never easy to get a nod, especially from the mainstream lenders. Today, there is reprieve since alternative lenders with friendly terms and conditions have come up. However, it doesn’t mean that you will get a business loan without meeting some conditions.

Even the friendliest lender will want to know whether you are in a position to repay the loan once they approve it. This is where you need to have a checklist that, once met, it will nudge the lender to okay your loan request. There are no set rules in this context, but lenders will go for some of the aspects listed below.


One of the qualities that lenders look for is the borrower’s character. This will let the financing institution to discern whether the business owner is financially disciplined. Here, you will need to ensure that you create the right first impression. You need to display a profound grasp of your industry and the financial dynamics behind your business. Also, the length of time you have been in business and your managerial proficiency can determine whether you get the green light or not.

 Financial Capacity

Alternative lenders are the boon of small business owners who find it hard getting approval from mainstream banks. However, you need to prove that you have the capacity to repay the money without defaulting. Some lenders want to look at your history When it comes to repaying past debts. Again, you need to show that your venture is past the concept stage. Businesses that are yet to pick and generate revenue could have it rough getting financing.


Contrary to popular belief, it’s advisable that you have solid financial security when you request for a business loan. You might think that it’s counterintuitive to look for a loan yet you have money in your account. Lenders want an assurance that you are not wobbly from a financial perspective. Also, some lenders will need collateral for their loans, and it’s better that you have worthy assets.

Other Conditions

Every business loan comes with its unique set of requirements. Whereas you need to avoid the lender with rigid conditions when it comes to repayment, you need to appreciate the fact that there are prerequisites that need to be met. Remember, if your industry is showing signs of financial uncertainty, it cold spell doom.