Types of Savings Account in Central Bank of India

Central Bank of India is a well known and reputed bank in India. If you are looking to open a savings account in Central Bank of India, this article will help you to find the savings account that fits your need. Once you have a Bank Account in CBI, you can also apply for internet banking and do all your transactions online including funds transfer by NEFT using appropriate bank ifsc code.

Mainly, there are 6 types of Savings Account which are offered by Central Bank of India. Let’s know about each one of them.

Home Saving Safe Accounts

By opening this type of CBI Savings Account you can deposit your savings no matter how small the amount is and you can use the same account for your day to day needs. Home Savings Safe Account comes with features like nomination facility, debit cum ATM Card, Net Banking etc.

Cent Samridhi Savings Account

If you are an Indian Citizen and over 18 years of age, you are eligible to open Cent Samridhi Savings Account. If you want to open this Account, you need to visit any of the CBS enabled branched of CBI. With this type of Account you get many features like auto sweep-in facility, Debit Card, Internet banking, 50% waiver on the fees of Credit Card and AMC charges of Demat. Please note that you would only get this waiver for  the first year.

Cent Param

Cent Param account by Central Bank of India can be opened for crediting the Salary of Account Holder, Pension or Sundry Payments. The Account is credited with the Salary or Pension on the month’s last working day or in accordance with the dates decided by the disbursement authorities of pension/salary. This whole procedure works as per the details which are provided by the Salary disbursement authorities.

Cent Bachat Khata

Cent Bachat Khata is a no frills savings account which offers all the basic features an account holder needs. It can be opened with just a small amount of Rs.50 only which can also be maintained as a minimum balance. This type of Savings Account from CBI can be opened by any Indian citizen at any branch of Central Bank of India.

Cent Premium Savings Account

This type of Savings Account from CBI has been specially made for serving the needs of High Net Worth (HNI) Account Holders. This account comes with a wide variety of features including Debit Card and Cheque Books which are free of cost, net banking, phone banking, free renewal of credit card, waiver on atm card issuance etc. Some of the other benefits include 100% waiver on home loan and automobile loan processing charges, which comes under the CBI retail lending scheme. This type of Account Holders also get Platinum Debit Cards issued by Central Bank of India.

Cent Bal Bhavishya Savings Account

This type of Savings Account has been recently launched by Central Bank of India. This Account is opened by the parents for their child to start saving funds for their future.