Types of Car Insurance Policies

It is important for everyone to make sure they protect the assets that are most important to them. One item which people legally have to insure in order to use is a car. When it comes to buying car insurance, there are lots of options to consider. For this reason, it is critical for people to think carefully about which type of policy is right for them. There are a few options that everyone needs to keep in mind.


Liability Only Insurance Policy

One of the most popular types of insurance is called liability only. This is the lowest level of insurance policy that someone can have and legally still operate a motor vehicle. If someone has a liability only insurance policy, this means that if the policyholder is involved in an auto accident that is his or her fault, the insurance company will pay to fix the other person’s car but not the car of the policyholder. Most people end up reaching for this insurance policy because it saves money; however, it also exposes the policyholder to a tremendous amount of risk.

Collision Insurance Policy

The next level up when it comes to car insurance is called collision insurance. If insurance agents Orlando sell someone a collision insurance policy, this means that the insurance company will pay to fix both vehicles involved in the accident. This provides an added layer of protection that everyone should note. Unfortunately, this type of insurance policy will not protect its policyholder from all types of damage. This is one other type of policy that provides an added degree of coverage.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

The highest level of insurance is called a comprehensive insurance policy. Also called “Act of God” insurance, this type of policy will protect the policyholder against nearly all forms of damage (aside from fraud). This means that if the car is burned in a wildfire, swept away by a tornado, or trapped in a flood, the insurance company will still pay to replace the car. This is the most comprehensive type of insurance policy out there.

The Importance of Insurance

These are a few of the most important types of insurance policies out there. Everyone needs to take steps to protect their motor vehicle. This is an expensive purchase that most people would not be able to afford to replace on short notice. This is why everyone should have a car insurance policy.