The State of Entrepreneurship in Canada

The level of entrepreneurship in Canada is on a par with Australia. It trails behind the U.S. based on entrepreneurial activity levels. The culture and environment for entrepreneurship are healthy where opportunities exist within the capabilities of most Canadians. However, it lags wherein the number of businessmen in the country is only half of the rate in Australia and the U.S. The less number of businessmen, with the peak age range from 45 to 64, is a result of poor productivity and innovation. Those who venture in business are the Canadians who are more equipped with an education.

Entrepreneurship is not just about earning and gaining a lot of money or leading the business toward success. It is rather an experience that provides a range of accessible opportunities for further improvement and chances of success despite what goals in life a person has. As experience in business is one of the most essential tools that will guide businessmen and women, below are some strategies that are relevant to the concept of entrepreneurship.

Critical Thinking

In almost every aspect which involves application, be in the professional world and personal lives, some degree of critical thinking is important. Being able identify problems, analyzing their root causes and discovering responses on certain subjects can aid in addressing issues thoroughly while crafting wiser plans for further developments in the future. The concept of critical thinking closely resembles improved efficiency and generating improved results.


Entrepreneurship influences and motivates a person to be creative. As creativity cannot be forcefully imposed, practising such and spending more time generating creative ideas will help in moulding a person to succeed in the world of business.


Entrepreneurship can sometimes be rough yet full of surprises. On times of adversity, one’s composure can be tested. Recovery from adversity demands resiliency, thus, every entrepreneur must be resilient.


Being the head of a business is taking in charge of the overall aspects of the business. The success of the business depends on the decisions of the business heads. Through the course of times as the head becomes familiar with the role, he or she may acknowledge and recognize the importance of independence and direction in shaping him as a successful businessman. Gaining some experience will help businessmen to be more confident and decisive while being less dependent on other people.

Management Ability

Entrepreneurship requires long hours in leading co-workers, business partners, and vendors while crafting ideas that will be significant to the business.  The fundamentals of management that make an improved decision-maker, improved planner and improved resource allocator can be acquired through the concept of entrepreneurship. Some people perceive entrepreneurship as a juggling act or a microeconomic game that needs efficient time management.

Personal Branding

Developing one’s personal brand will give businesses some level of a competitive edge against their competitors while proving their worth as personal branding will attract more customers.


Adding connections to business networks will be beneficial in business as connections provide accessibility to mentors, employers and business experts that will support business plans.

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