Some Of These Things Can Cause Your Minimarket To Grow

A minimarket will develop when managed properly. In the midst of today’s competitive retail business, marketing strategy and handling of goods and the ability of coordination among personnel plays an important role. If your minimarket is still difficult to grow, it means there is something wrong with your work system. What makes the minimarket difficult to grow?

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There are important points to be underlined about the management of a good minimarket. Now look at what components of each interact within the minimarket.

  • Employees, including managers, cashiers, clerks, warehouse and other staff
  • Goods
  • Supplier
  • Customer
  • Facilities and Infrastructure including software, hardware and other minimarket fittings.
  • You as a business owner.

All these components must be well coordinated so that every process that happens can run smoothly. What is the relevance of these six components so that they can cause your minimarket to grow?

The division of Duties and Responsibilities is not clear

Employees as the main actors must be able to work in accordance with their job description as well as interact with fellow employees, goods, suppliers and customers. Inevitably employees must perform their duties in accordance with the positions they hold.

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If in minimarket you still happen things like the warehouse to arrange items on the store shelf or even serve the buyer who will pay, then it belongs to the division of tasks that are not clear. Cashier must stand by in place, cannot leave the place unless there is something important. For the part of organizing the goods, the clerk must do it.

While the warehouse staff perform duties in the warehouse environment such as serving suppliers and input goods to the software minimarket.

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The manager as the boss runs the task of coordinating his colleagues to work well. It seems inappropriate if the managers participate in organizing goods let alone mop the floor.

Unclear division of tasks can be one cause the minimarket is difficult to develop because employees do not focus on their work.

Relationship between Employees, Suppliers, Non-Harmonious Business Owners

However comfort in working in the minimarket is also influenced by the harmony of good relations between subjects in it.

You certainly can imagine what if there is tension between individuals in the work environment, right? This can certainly lead to the development of minimarket hampered because they are busy with his ego.

As much as possible, keep the relationships between individuals involved, can with a regular briefings and even family gathering.

Facilities and Infrastructure Less Adequate

Equipment in the minimarket must be maintained in order to function properly. There are several things concerning equipment that often occurs trouble and should immediately require special handling. For example minimarket cash register software is not reliable, slow performance and so forth. The availability of backup computers and UPS as well as good computer networks is essential to support the work.

In addition, poor electrical installation design can also interfere with the work of employees. In such circumstances, the electricity could be dropped at any time when it cannot withstand heavy loads.

That’s some of the things that could be the reason the minimarket is difficult to grow. With such constraints, it’s hard for your minimarket to grow. So check again if the things I mentioned above still happen in your place. If there is, get it done immediately.