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Selling Your New York Home in a Buyers Market

When the tides have turned and the buyers have the edge in the New York real estate market, it is very important that you are doing everything possible to make the home as attractive as possible to get offers. The following tips are designed to get these buyers emotionally invested in the property first, this way they will be less likely to want to lose the house to another buyer.

Transform the Home Exterior

When the buyers have the edge in the New York real estate market, they can literally pick and choose any home they want because of the abundance of inventory. The one advantage you have is making your home memorable before the buyers even step foot in the door Tevfik Arif Doyen. If all the houses on the market appear the same, then the buyers simply narrow down the search by price. Many of these potential buyers drive by dozens of homes in a day, and eliminate the ones that look like they have not been maintained. Increase the odds of your home being selected by working on that curb appeal. Wash the windows, trim the bushes and trees, power-wash the driveway, and paint areas that are faded.

The more you can increase the appearance of the exterior, the more likely the buyer will get emotionally connected to the property.

Increasing the Size of the Interior

Once you get a potential buyer interested enough that they want to see the inside of the house, this is your one opportunity to really shine. Too many sellers are living out of the house, and it shows. Since you are planning on moving anyways, start getting some of your excess clutter to a storage unit. Empty the garage, the sheds, the basement, and the attic, and move it to storage. Minimize spaces like the closets, the kitchen drawers, and kitchen cabinets, with the least possible amount of stuff you need to live on.

Doing this will give the appearance the house is clutter-free and roomy enough for any potential buyer.

Appealing to a Mass Audience

Now that there are buyers coming inside the house, time to get them connected with the house. Most buyers who walk in the front door want to imagine themselves living in that space. This can be very difficult if they have to try to not imagine your family in each room because of all the personal effects all over the place. Moving day will be here soon enough, so get a jump on packing and take down and box anything that is connected to your family. Take down family portraits and replace with neutral images.

Remove those family pictures from the mantle, dressers, and desks. Take all the personal effects off the refrigerator too, the goal here is to make the inside of the house look like a model home.

Eliminating Any Seller Pressure

If a buyer is going to make the decision, they don’t want to feel rushed. A huge mistake many frustrated sellers make is sitting in the home while the buyers look around. This can be uncomfortable for all, and the buyers might just want to move on and not deal with that type stress.

If a realtor calls and wants to show your home to a potential buyer, pack up the family and pets now, and disappear for a half hour so the buyer can feel more at ease.

Keep in mind that even though the buyers have the advantage, there are plenty of New York homes selling for full price. Try these tips and you will increase the chances of being able to sell your home in less time for more money.