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What You Need to Know About Learning to Drive in the UK Learning to drive in the UK is a multi step process like that which you would find almost anywhere. To begin your preparations, a new driver has to meet various eligibility requirements. The most important requirement is the age requirement. Once you have met the age requirements for your specific vehicle, you can take your schedule your driving tests and apply for your provisional driving license. However, it is important to note that you are not eligible to get behind the wheel of any road worthy vehicle if you have not first gotten a provisional license. The age requirement for driver eligibility depends on what type of vehicle you are interested in operating. The age requirements for driving in the UK ranges from 16 for mopeds, 17 for small cars, tractors and motor bikes and 21 for large vehicles like trucks, minibuses and buses. Though you have to wait until you are 17 to receive your provisional license, you can apply for it three months before you officially turn 17. After getting your provisional drivers license, you will then need to find a driving instructor. Some people think that they know enough bout driving not to need the help of a driving instructor. Many people think that they will not learn anything from a driving instructor that they would not get from their parent or a friend who has already gotten their license. Receiving the necessary training to pass both of your upcoming driving exams requires the skill and knowledge of a local ADI driving instructor.
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In the U there are two driving tests that people have to pass to receive their license. First of all, you have to pass the theory test. It is possible to find study materials by visiting a government website. It is event possible to take an online practice exam. If you want to prepare for the theory test, however, you are best off to do so by taking driving lessons from a local driving instructor.
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After you pass the theory test, you will then take the practical driving exam. The practical test checks your eyesight, asks some general vehicle safety questions and then puts you on a driving test in which you will be required to perform specific driving maneuvers safely and correctly. The fact is that most drivers fail their first driving exam. The best way to improve your chances of passing it the first time is to hire a certified and experienced driving instructor. You can find a reputable driving teacher no matter where you live in the UK. To get started, all you have to do is perform a search engine search for driving lessons in your local area. If you like In Wirral or Chester, simply perform a search engine search for driving lessons in your area.