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Renewing a Worn-Out Fence Make a worn out fence appear bright and shiny again. Here’s a DIY for simple home repair. With the use of a power washer and an oil stain you can make your fence look brand new. Power Washing Power washers deliver high pressure water jets. They will blow away everything sticking to your fence. It will remove all kinds of dirt. The fence can get deeply scarred and ruined by its powerful water jets. The use of the proper sprayer tip and spraying technique is highly recommended.
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Its spray can raise and coarsen the grain on fine surfaces. This helps later in the application of the wood stain.
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Power washing is the best way of cleaning an old fence. Once you have the power sprayer, test the pressure first. Don’t be ‘trigger-happy’ with a power sprayer. You can quickly learn how to use a power washer even if it’s your first time to use one. Make sure that nothing obstructs the path of the water spray along the fence. Since you can’t avoid getting wet in the process, wear the right kind of clothes. The width of the water spray needs to come in contact with the boards evenly. The boards will brighten as the pressure of the spray passes each section. You only need to clean the wood a little with the use of a power sprayer. Repair Jobs Now that the fence is clean, some repair work might need to get done. Broken or split planks can be repaired using waterproof wood glue. Instead of nails to attach loose joints, you might want to use rustproof screws. Turnbuckle supports can be used to straighten up the fence gate. It might be necessary to brush or spray the bottom of your fence with wood preservative. The bottom that touches the ground is the first area of the fence that rots. A clear exterior wood stain helps bring out the natural appearance of the wood. Wood stains contain pigments that add a blend of color to the wood’s natural shades. Let the Fence Dry Completely Do not apply sealer or stain unless the fence has completely dried after washing. Depending on the weather and how old the fence is, it is best to let it dry completely. You might observe that the color of the wood is darker than normal. Choose a toned sealer to bring out the natural shades of the wood. Coat the wood with sealer using a paint roller. The wood can absorb as much sealer as you soak it with. A paint brush is a good way to finish off applying the sealer after the paint roller. Make sure all areas including the corners are completely sealed. Avoid lap marks. Hire Professionals If you are not up to cleaning and staining a fence yourself, you can contact service providers to do the work for you. Depending on the extent of the work needed to be done, appropriate fees are charged.