Extracting Audio from Video with Movavi Video Converter

Have you ever wanted to save just the soundtrack from a movie, or the music track from a video? Perhaps you’ve even considered trying to extract the audio from a webinar where the narrative was more than sufficient as an explanation.

The fact of the matter is unless you really need to watch the video, just saving the audio track can more than suffice in many situations. In fact it is actually better to do so, as it will consume less space and can be played on a wider range of devices. More importantly it isn’t as difficult as it sounds to begin with, not if you use Movavi Video Converter in any case.

All that you need to do to extract audio from MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV or any other video format using Movavi Video Converter is essentially convert it from a video file to an audio file instead. By doing so the software will simply save the audio track, and discard the video.

If you’d like to do that, go ahead and launch Movavi Video Converter and add the video file to the software by clicking ‘Add Media’ then ‘Add Video’ and selecting it. Another option is to drag and drop the video file into the main working area, which may be faster and more convenient if it is open in your file explorer.

Once the video has been added, you can click on the ‘Audio’ tab in the lower part of Movavi Video Converter’s interface. Under that tab you’ll see several options for different audio format categories, including MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, OGG, and more. It is up to you what format you wish to use, though MP3 is arguably the most common option. Regardless of the category you choose, you can then select a specific preset for that format depending on the bitrate (i.e. quality) that you’d like.

Before you start to extract the audio, click on the ‘folder’ icon next to the ‘Save to’ field and set the destination folder. After that you can click ‘Convert’, and sit back as Movavi Video Converter extracts the audio track from your video and saves it as an audio file with the format that you specified.

It should be noted that this method will extract the entire audio track from your video, but in some cases you may only want to extract specific parts. If that is the case you can easily use Movavi Video Converter to split the video into segments prior to converting it, and delete the parts that you don’t want.

Similarly there are other features in Movavi Video Converter that will let you create animated GIFs, enhance the quality of videos, grab screenshots, merge clips together, add captions, and more. Although these features aren’t required to extract and save the audio tracks from your videos, they may come in handy in other situations and you should try them out if you have the time to do so.