Divorce in Oklahoma – Forms, Steps, and Procedures

As soon as your marriage ends, the next step is to face divorce, which can be stressful for both spouses and children.

We are talking about making parenting schedules, new living arrangements, and decisions about money and property.

At the same time, emotions that happen due to these changes can be challenging for spouses to understand each process along the way.

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Besides, they may not be able to deal with sound decisions, which is why we recommend legal guidance for additional help.

It is way better to start this journey by understanding every single step throughout the process.

We decided to present you tips to guide you through a divorce, which is essential to remember.

Let us start from the beginning.

1.Avoid Winning Expectations

Most people think of the divorce process as a game where one side will beat the other. However, no one wins a divorce settlement, which is an important consideration to remember.

A regular process includes numerous aspects, including division of property, child support, and custody. Still, it rarely happens that a single spouse will end up with everything.

For instance, one spouse may get physical custody but achieve lower support than required beforehand.

Therefore, it is challenging to determine who is the loser or winner, so it is pointless to think in this direction.

Instead of being selfish, you should understand every consequence that will affect your lifestyle in the future. Apart from spending plenty of money, your kids will suffer throughout a battle involving them in their adult lives.

Therefore, you should avoid thinking about winning and end the process without casualties.

2.Think Everything Through

Dealing with a life-changing event is a stressful and traumatic process, especially while divorcing with a past love of your life.

Therefore, you must make life-changing decisions during the process. For instance, some of them may urge you to determine whether you should sell a family home or not.

We recommend you avoid impulsivity and sudden decisions based on your hurt feelings. When we are hurt, we tend to make mistakes, which is why you should sit down and determine potential consequences before making up your mind.

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3.Your Children Are Not Divorcing

The heat of the moment during divorce can happen anytime. For instance, you can say disturbing and cruel things to each other as the cry of your hearts, but remember that you should avoid doing it in front of kids.

Generally, they will suffer much more from your separation, which means you should act in a way that will help them avoid traumatic events.

Numerous psychological studies have shown that the more parents fight during the divorce process, the more traumatic event will be for kids.

You should think it through each time you wish to say something to your ex-partner, especially if kids are with you. Instead of being impulsive, you should count to ten before answering questions or giving statements.

At the same time, your children will continue with your relationship with your ex, unless in neglect and abuse cases. Therefore, you can be upset and hurt by your ex-partner, but you should avoid discouraging and interfering with your kids and their relationships.

We recommend you talk with a psychologist and counselor to talk with your kids after a divorce. Besides, you can also engage individual counseling to learn how to address your children’s needs during the process.

4.Do Not Expect Anything

Divorces happen across the globe, which means that you certainly know someone who underwent this procedure. However, we recommend you stop listening to their pieces of advice on things that should happen throughout the process.

The main reason for that is because you will get wrong or misleading information that will affect your situation. Remember that each divorce is unique and comes with specific issues.

Even though your friends think that each divorce comes with specific regulations, things are not that simple. You should avoid creating your decisions and strategies based on others and their experiences.

Instead, it would be best to talk with your attorney, financial consultant, and mental health professional about specific information, which will help you out with the process.

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5.Prepare for the Future by Forgetting the Past

The worst thing you can do is obsess about your spouse’s nasty stuff to you throughout a marriage. Even though it can be a frustrating experience, you should rise above it.

Remember, these thoughts will prevent you from making rational decisions and moving on with your life, which is in your family’s best interest. Therefore, you should focus on the future by forgetting the past.

We recommend you approach the process with a willingness to agree with your ex, which will help you reach the best results possible for both sides.

The worst thing you can do is to let emotions get to you and fight over insignificant aspects, including how to divide a blue-ray collection, for instance. Letting go of the past is a bitter experience, but it is essential to do it during the process.

Some people cannot let go of the issues in the past, which will increase time spent and legal fees. You should avoid thinking about small staff and think about the large picture instead.

When it comes to minor issues, you should make concessions and spend time on essential matters such as seeing your kids and other aspects.

6.The Court is the Worst Alternative

If you cannot settle during a case, one spouse will avoid negotiation and take the entire process to court.

However, it is the worst thing you can do because the trial will be expensive and lengthy. That way, you will deplete your assets that are part of the dispute, which is something you should remember.

Numerous court days require thousands of dollars, and you will still be uncertain whether you will get anything from it. Therefore, it is way better to take advantage of negotiation instead.