Best Hacks to Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a must for every homeowner out there. The insurance policy not only covers the home and its assets but also takes care of the owner’s liability in case an accident occurs at the property. Are you worried about the rising insurance costs? Well, if pricey premiums are barring you from getting homeowners insurance- here are some hacks to save money on homeowners insurance.

Search around

The first tip here would be to get a comparative survey on 4-5 homeowners insurance companies. The premium rates vary from one company to another and a comparative study will reveal to you the most competitive rates of all. It would be better if you take to a homeowners insurance online directory. Such directories bring up loads of insurance companies under one roof for an easy and quick search.

Higher deductibles would save you

Deductible can be defined as the sum you would be paying during an accident before your insurance provider pays your claim. Higher the deductible, better would be the savings on your homeowners insurance. The average deductible asked by the insurance companies today is something around $500. If you can hike it up to $1,000, you can save a handy 25%.

Upgrade your home for better safety

Insurance companies will demand less premium if there are fewer chances of claims. Thus, if you can prove them that your houses posses lesser threats of damage, you are quite likely to enjoy lower premiums. Here is a list of things that you can do to make your home safer –

  • Attach storm shutters
  • Repair your roof on time
  • Modernize plumbing, heating & electrical systems
  • Install burglar alarms
  • Install CCTV
  • Get fire or smoke alarms

Get a comprehensive policy

A combined policy will save you good deal on homeowners insurance. Check if your insurance company is able to provide auto insurance coverage. If you haven’t taken car insurance yet, you can combine these two into one discounted comprehensive policy.

Stick to your insurer

Do you know you might receive a cool 5% discount from your homeowners insurance provider if you stay with him for 2-5 years? Yes, it’s true.

However, don’t just check the rates. You must also vet the reputation and experience of the company before you sign up with a one. The one you choose should not only provide competitive rates but must also be backed a robust reputation in the market.