Day: May 20, 2018

Why Print and Banner Ads Remain a Popular Marketing Tool

Amidst the popularity of digital and online marketing tools, there are still some traditional methods that remain relevant. Print advertising is not limited to magazines and newspapers. Another popular form of print advertising is the use of banners and billboards. Many establishments prefer banners as a way to promote products and services directly outside the establishment. It is highly informative and targets the general public. In addition to this, there are a few other benefits to using banners as an advertising method.


For small businesses, cash flow is the main challenge. Start-ups don’t always have the budget to spend on high-end digital ads. In lieu of this, small businesses use banners instead. It is not only inexpensive, but it is also easy to make. If you have a desktop computer with a decent editing software, you can make your own banner design and have it sent to banner printers. You don’t have to pay a graphic designer anymore to do it for you.


Wherever you plan on using your printed banners, it will be visible to all potential customers who pass by or see it. In trade fairs, for example, every person who goes in the door is a possible client. If your booth gets decent traffic, banners are sure to get the attention of everyone who passes by.


One of the characteristics of banner advertisements is that it can be used for as long or as short as needed. Every time it is displayed, there is a greater chance that people who see it will remember the name of your business. Banners reinforce brand recognition and are a really cheap way of doing so.

Banners are also easy to install and can be reused for as long as the content is still relevant. The effectiveness of banner ads cannot be refuted. They remain one of the most popular ways used to promote products and services. It is a real-time method of gaining customer attention.

Many businesses who participate in trade shows and events or have pop-up locations in weekend markets need banners and other signage to gain the attention of customers. The same is also true for brick and mortar establishments promoting sales and new product launches.

It is remarkably easy these days to find digital printers that use the latest technology in print ads. Materials such are vinyl are also used in printing banners which makes it more durable and resistant to weather. This makes vinyl banners waterproof and ideal for outdoor installation. You can also choose the dimensions of your banner, hence, making it suitable even for limited spaces. Another convenient option available to businesses today is the ability to order banners online. Simply email the specifications you need, and your banner will be delivered in time for when you need it.

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