Day: February 10, 2018

Visual Merchandising Ideas for Your Store

If you own a retail store, your space should also act as an efficient “salesperson”. By using visual merchandising, you can increase your revenue, optimise and add aesthetics to your store. You can use the products you sell and make them visually stimulating. You can highlight products to lure your consumers into buying them.

What is visual merchandising?

This is related to anything that can be seen by customers outside or inside a store. This includes decorations, displays, signages, and layout of the space itself. Its main aim is to get potential customers to come in the store and spend their money on merchandise.

Start from the outside

Make use of the window display to make your store more appealing from the outside. This will make the customers think that your store has what they want or what they are looking for. You can use patterns or colours. If you have a boutique, display the latest trends in fashion. You can use mannequins and dress them up to show potential customers your products.

The five senses

Yes, it is important to make a visually stimulating display, but do not forget “sensory branding”. This creates a multi-sensory experience for your customers.

  • Sight. The possibilities here are endless. You can arrange your merchandise in a way that it will be visually appealing to your customers. You can also use a TV Kiosk to show a presentation of the products you sell.
  • Touch. Let your consumers try out the things you sell. Let them feel and touch the items you sell.
  • Sound. The music playing in your store can have a great effect on the behaviour of your customers. If you play mellow music, it will slow them down. This will cause them to browse your items more. It also shows who your target customers are. For a store that plays the latest pop hits, their target customers might be teenagers.
  • Taste. This can be useful if you are selling consumables. Give your customers a taste test of the products you sell.
  • Smell. This is actually the most emotional and powerful among the senses. It has the ability to trigger memories and affect your customers’ behaviour. Find the right aroma to diffuse in your store to create the perfect ambiance, so that your customers can remember your brand.

Use every inch of your space to make your store appealing to your customers. Visual merchandising is versatile and multifaceted. There are a million ideas out there that can help you. Do not just stick to one idea. Change your displays from time to time, so that every time your customers come in your store, they always see something new and interesting. You can also ask help from someone who is an expert in the field of visual merchandising if you do not know how to start.


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