Day: April 3, 2017

5 Things To Look For In Ecommerce Business Planning

Speaking of business planning, in relation to business e-commerce (online selling) – there are some things that should be planned before you ‘plunge into battle’. This is important, considering the business competition in this field is getting tougher course from time to time. So, you can not just action before actually planned carefully. For loans tips, you can see through
“Basically, the concept of business planning in general include: generating ideas, screening, development and testing of concepts, marketing strategy, business analysis, product development, market testing and commercialization. In other words, a business plan to realize the idea was to be a very important in business. “.
Based on the above quote, it can be concluded that the business is COMMERCIALIZATION of an idea. All must start from an idea that was absolutely brilliant, mature and potential – then make it as a commercial business.

For this discussion, it may be an idea used more specific, the field of ecommerce. Call it, now you want to open an online store with certain concepts and ideas that you have prepared. So, you need careful planning to commercialize your business ideas in order to produce a good conversion.

Here are 5 things you should consider in planning an ecommerce business you run, among others:

1. Capital

Running a business, definitely need capital to sustain all things associated with your e-commerce business. Call it to buy a computer / laptop, internet costs, costs for stocking goods, the cost of the salaries of employees (if any), promotion costs, unforeseen expenses and so forth.

Solutions that can be found are:

– With their own capital, you can become a reseller or a drop shipper or perhaps importer. All depends on the amount of capital you have.
, Products sold
Capital has been obtained, then you are now planning what products will sell.

Maybe you think it has been since the beginning, because it is associated with a business idea that already exists in your head. But more specifically, again, you have to know how the product you are selling, what the brand, how much, bought in which the supplier, whether it takes the public on an ongoing basis, whether it has credibility, whether it is beneficial and others. It is very important, because the quality, usefulness and credibility of products is the ‘life’ of a business.

When you run an ecommerce business, you certainly hope that you are selling a product that does not disappoint the buyer. Do not let the intentions and desires ‘for profit’ made you ‘blind’ will be customer satisfaction.

3. The market targeted

When you have determined the products that you sell, it’s time to do market research. This relation will be useful for your marketing strategy.

Essentially you have to know the characteristics of the target market of your sales. Also relation to your competitors, which are competitors in the market that you are working on.

4. Marketing Strategy

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