When Is It Time to Find a New Workspace?

We know that packing up and moving your business to a new location is an important decision, we also know that from time to time you’re going to run into a bit of disruption during while you search for, sign and move into your new office space.

Although you may not be noticing it now, your current office space could be having an impact on your business growth. Whether it be down to your supplies, or your customer’s impressions when visiting your workplace, or their lack of visits!

It has proven time and time again that employee productivity is strongly affected by the environment they work in. So, if you’re still considering whether a change of scenery is the right move for you, you may want to keep reading.

Gaining more business often means you need some more staff. However, many companies tend to overload their employees with extra work as the current office situation can’t accommodate the additional workers. Plus, no one wants to work in an overcrowded space, it can affect your ability to concentrate and work as efficiently as you can.

Does your current office have a big enough meeting space? Having a designated room for meetings, instead of holding the odd impromptu meeting around a desk, can also increase productivity. Don’t have the space to include a conference room or new staff? It may be time to relocate.

We live in a very digital world, which means it’s easier than ever for customers to see and judge you, thanks to a little something called Google Maps.

If you’re a B2B organisation and don’t consider yourself as a modern techy company, your office space is still important! If your workspace isn’t up to scratch, then your clients may think the product or service you’re offering is the same.

As your business grows, you may find that your current office location doesn’t portray the image you’re going for. It’s also smart to bear in mind that you’re going to want to “fish where the fish are” so whether that’s office space in Hammersmith London or Lancaster, making sure your office location is close enough to your prospect, or your current client base should be a priority.

Sometimes your office space is suitable for you, but the current office agreement may not be. Whether it’s the price that has increased or the contract duration seems a bit too long, it could be a great reason to discover somewhere new!

We’ve touched on growing and expanding your business a lot. However, we know in tough times you may need to get out the budget sheets and do some cost cutting. Saving money and downsizing your office could mean moving to an office which suits the number of employees you have now, rather than how many you had during better times. You can quickly move back into a bigger place when your business gets back on its feet.

Are you considering moving your company? Let us know what made you change your mind!