Learn more about Budget Loan, PIP number and Social Fund Number

What is a Budgeting Loan or Advance?

A Budgeting Loan is a supplementary capital over the advantages to assist pay for miscellaneous essentials. You must learn that you have to give back the credit. You also call it an attached universal credit that will support you at the time of crisis.

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The advantages of securing budgeting loan are as follows.


  • Furniture and home accessories, apparel and footwear
  • Pay in advance or moving to a new city.  
  • The expenses for maintenance and renovation of your home.
  • Important expenses regarding travelling or starting a business
  • Covering funeral or maternity cost
  • Clearing debt, payments and if they were borrowed for different categories like hire or purchase.  


So, before you apply for budget loan advance, you must check certain perspectives. Like, check whether you can get these payments without having the need to pay it back.

  • Funeral Amount
  • Regional Welfare Support
  • Positive Start Maternity Grant

The above services are eligible for people in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Moreover, there are no specific rules for age and nothing is taxable. The entire process is taken care of by the Department of Work and Pension.


How to get a budget loan?

as a matter of fact, to get a budget loan, you must fall under certain criteria. For the applicant, the benefits must be available for 26 weeks before the application. It will help you to get an interest-free loan to makes sure it covers all the necessary expenditure. The relevant advantages incorporate the following.

  • Support allowances
  • Jobseekers allowances
  • Income support

Click here for more information about budgeting loan

What is a PIP Number and how can it Help you?

Personal Independence Payment (PIP number) assists people with additional charges of inability or long-term health provisions for the population that falls under the age group of16 to 64. However, it is a non-means benefit, so receiving the amount will not be based on your earning or your capital savings.


Who can get PIP?

Candidates who want help for performing an everyday task and getting around places.

People who require help for a stretch of 3 months and expect it to get for at least the next 9 months.

People who are very ill and doctors have given them a time period to survive.


Eligibility for PIP ?  

Anyone who wants to be eligible for PIP must fall in between the age group of 16-64. Moreover, this age category must have people who are differently abled and need support for normal living or mobility help. The eligibility does not depend on the diagnosis of epilepsy. But, how the disease affects your normal life, and how it impacts your physical movement and your thought process.  


Documents needed for PIP

  • Contact details
  • Date of birth
  • National insurance number
  • Details of the neurologist, postal address and code.
  • Bank account details
  • Living tenure in the Great Britain and documents for the same


You must know that, anytime if you have spent anytime in the hospital is going to affect your claim. So, to apply for the PIP, you must contact the PIP number, for further details visit here.


Social Fund Number | What is it?

The social fund comprises of two different systems. One is the regulated social fund and the other is discretionary social fund. Under the former category, you will the right to maternity, funeral and cold weather payment, or for that matter winter fuel payment. All the funds are allocated within the legal entitlement. Once, you pass all the necessary conditions, you will be given the payment.


  • Payment for Maternity
  • Payment Funeral
  • Cold weather subsidies
  • Winter fuel subsidies


Payment for Maternity: Under this category, you will receive £500 payment for the first born and the other child must be below 16.


Payment Funeral: You will be allowed to receive a funeral payment your family is enjoying these benefits like Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit. The funeral payment can be claimed in between three months from death.


Cold weather subsidies: If the temperature in your region drops below zero and sustains for more than a week. Then, you will be allotted payment for cold weather.


Winter fuel subsidies: You will obtain this automatically as per qualifying privilege or pay by giro through November or December, highest of £400 per beneficiary family.


If you want to know more about social fund then you can click here and get the number for social fund regulations.


These were some of the useful information regarding the UK’s beneficiary plans and schemes for the citizens. With this, you have also come to know about the several criteria and reasons why you should or you can opt for these programs.