5 Ways You Can Use Email Marketing to Get Loyal Readers

While people still buy billboards, you are going to find more and more people are transitioning to advertising and marketing online. Digital marketing has proven to be very effective in the different mediums that are used. Email marketing has started to fade to the back, but not with good reason. Many people have not been using their email campaigns as effectively as they could be due to the fact that they’ve been distracted by shiny objects.

While social media and other platforms for advertising online are great and can be effective, if you don’t remember to put email marketing in the mix, you are missing out.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

If you think that email marketing is dead, think again. More than 85% of adults in the US send and read email. That’s a big percentage of people to get in front of your content and even though teens are on social media apps all of the time, 78% of them use email as well. As you can tell, email is not going anywhere. While one social media platform might be here today and gone tomorrow, email won’t be leaving us any time soon.

This is why it is important to use the best email marketing services to get your message out to the people that want to hear from you. If you aren’t building an email list, you should start today so you can begin to build this valuable asset.

1.      Know Who Your Audience Is

When you are sending emails, you wouldn’t send the same email to a 26-year-old single mom as you would to a 47-year-old dad that loves to hunt. These two people are sure to have very different interests. If you talk to either one of these people in the other’s language, you are going to get more than an eyebrow raise before they send you to spam or unsubscribe.

If you are one of the marketers that use the spray and pray method, you are missing out in this day and age. People don’t even see half of their emails let alone read emails that are not tailored to them. If you don’t pay attention to who you are talking to, you are likely to miss the mark.

You should know what your target audience likes, dislikes and most of all, you should know what they need so that you can offer that to them. Instead of flying in the dark, if you don’t know, you can send a survey and see what they are interested in now so you can still continue to be a resource.

2.      Research & Do Better

Once you’ve sent a few emails, you’ve got some data. What has your list responded to? You can tell this by your open rate statistics, click through rates and your conversions. Take a look at these metrics and optimize your email campaign with the information that you acquired.

You can also segment you list to the people that open your emails most so that you continue to service them. If you notice people are opening your email a lot, you will probably find that they will open more emails from you.

Testing email frequency is always wise and should be part of your research.

3.      Make Sure Your Content Is Engaging

If your content is putting your audience to sleep, you are likely to how low open rates on your emails. Instead of putting your readers to sleep, use the information that you gathered about what they like and want to see so that you can create content that is going to speak right to them.

If you find that your list loves dogs, even if your product isn’t about dogs, you can work it into the content. Find creative ways to show your human side to your readers.

4.      Ensure You Are Mobile Friendly

If your emails are not mobile friendly, you will lose traffic. People want to see crisp beautiful imagery on their phones. What they do not want to see is the desktop version of a site where they cannot figure out what anything says because the font is too big for their screen. View your email on different devices and browsers so you can make sure it looks good on all platforms.

5.      Incentivize Your Subscribers

If you put rewards in your emails, you will find that your open rate is likely to go up. Readers are excited to see if they’ve gotten an email that has loyalty points or some other promotion. Even if the email they read doesn’t have it, you’ll still have gotten them to open and you’ll be at the top of their mind.

Offer rewards for referrals, frequent use and sometimes you can even offer them a reward for simply clicking a link and checking out a new offer that you have or for taking a survey. There are plenty of ways to make your customers love you and your email marketing campaign.


Use your email marketing campaigns to boost you to the next level and never quit growing your list. The people on your list should be nurtured and taken care of so they continue to stay on your list and become customers over time. You never know how long it might take to convert someone into a customer so keep being persistent and consistent with your email marketing efforts.

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