The Krebs Law Firm Injury Attorneys Can Help Clients Recover Their Due Damages

Those who have suffered injuries through no fault of their own are able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the perpetrator. If they can have successful litigation, they can recover damages from the injury or illness. However, much can wrong in trying to pursue a personal injury case. The best possible defense the injured can have is an attorney to represent them who is familiar with personal injury law. Krebs Law Firm Injury Attorneys are legal counselors who represent clients in personal injury cases in Missouri.

When considering a personal injury law suit, the first thing to keep in mind is that personal injury lawsuits in Missouri have a statute of limitations. In the state, plaintiffs have five years from the date of the accident to get the lawsuit filed in a Missouri civil court.There are times when people allow the time to slip by them. If the lawsuit is not filed within the five year window, any opportunity to have the case heard and to collect damages will be most likely be gone.

A complication that may arise in the lawsuit is that the defendant can try to prove the plaintiff to be partly at fault for the accident. This is called the pure comparative fault rule in Missouri. Any amount that the plaintiff is found at fault will reduce the damages received by the percentage the plaintiff is at fault. For example, if the plaintiff were to receive damages of $100,000, but was found 30 percent at fault, he or she would only get $70,000.

To prevent this from happening, the plaintiff should hire an attorney who has been successful in the past at litigating personal injury cases, and not only personal injury cases, but cases similar to the one being brought forward to them by you.

The law firm in Springfield, Missouri has been helping clients with personal injury cases for many years. In addition to personal injury cases, the law firm also represents clients for social security disability and workers’ compensation issues. If any individuals are interested in seeking an attorney for personal injuries, social security disability or workers’ compensation, they can visit the website at .