How to Make the Most of a New Backyard Pond

Water features are some of the most interesting items in any landscape and a pond is a wonderful and unexpected addition. They provide a home for a variety of wildlife like frogs, birds and turtles and they are a relaxing touch that will add beauty and color. Pond designs can be luxurious and elegant or rustic and casual depending on what the homeowner wants. Here are a few ideas for anyone planning this fun addition.

Add Some Plants

Pretty pond plants add color and keep the water from overheating by adding some shade. Submerged plants provide shelter for fish. Not all pond owners want to stock their pond but if they do these plants protect them from predators and are a valuable food source. Irises and cattails thrive in the soil around ponds and water lilies grow in the water but their blossoms sit on the surface. There are also floating plants like floating hyacinths that are not rooted and drift on the surface of the water. There are many plants that help to keep the water cleaner and prevent an overabundance of some nutrients.

Keep it Clean

Algae growth is always a concern with still water and that is why nearly every pond requires an aeration system. These simple devices create turbulence that cycles the oxygen from the surface of the water to the bottom and helps to break up any surface algae blooms. The added oxygen is important to the survival of pond fish and water plants.

Include Some Decorations

A small windmill, decorative stones and floating LED waterlilies are common additions. Including a waterfall, spanning the pond with a small footbridge or installing a fountain in the center will also add a great deal of charm.

Many homeowners build gazebos or open sitting areas directly beside the pond. A small firepit and soft lighting will make the backyard perfect for entertaining during the day or night. Aerators, fountains and waterfalls ensure that the pond will provide even more sensory stimulation and create the perfect setting for an afternoon nap or a morning yoga session. Visit for more about backyard designs and tips for making life more enjoyable.