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Writing Down Tasks Is Essential to Your Success

The adage telling you that if you want to remember something, you should write it down is not just a myth. Studies show that if you want to commit something to memory, you should. Your brain works like a bucket. Unfortunately, some buckets leak, and the human brain is no different. If you are only committing small pieces of information to memory, you could be losing a substantial amount of important data and it is the same when we consider out to-do list each day.

The Importance of Taking Notes

Taking notes is an extremely important part of the learning process. Taking good notes not only provides you reference material that narrows down bulk information for study purposes, it also helps you commit information to memory more effectively than reading the same material repeatedly. A lot of people who have mastered the art of taking notes report that once they have completed a set of well-planned and formulated notes, they remember the information well enough that they do not have to refer to the notes, unless they need a specific name or formula from them.

Taking notes is a great tool for increasing your understanding of material. You may be rolling your eyes wondering, why you should write things down in detail if you are most likely never going to look at the information again. However, the psychology and anthropology behind this system is very well researched and the facts are extremely sound.

The Facts About Writing and Memory
There is a lot of information floating around out there about how human memory works. However, most of this information does not combine the psychology of memory and the anthropology of memory together.

When you take the time to evaluate both studies of memory, you will see that it may not be our own wishful thinking that allows us to ignore important notes once we have written them. The act of writing information down is proven to improve the amount of information we retain by nearly 75%, which is extremely impressive when you think about it.

How to Save on Note Storage
Most people have transitioned to the white board as a solution for holding temporary information, and products like Writey are making it easier for people to turn anything into a whiteboard. If you have trained yourself to remember the information you have taken notes on; do you need to keep them around? Chances are that the answer to this is no, you really don’t have to keep them laying around because they are simply taking up space. So, what is the most effective way to take notes without wasting all that paper?

More and more people are choosing to take notes and write details on erasable surfaces. Chalkboards have become extremely outdated and they can become an eyesore. They offer white boards, paint to create your own white board, and even desks that are made from whiteboard surfaces.

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Improve Your Financial Management For Your Family In The Future

A standout amongst the most critical thing you have to manage well in your life is your financial plan, with legitimate financial plan you wont need to stress over the wellbeing of your family and guarantee that your family will live joyfully even after you bite the dust. By planning your financial through estate planning, yolu will have the capacity to guarantee that your family will in any case increase financial salary from your wills and trusts. In any case, since this zone of law is affected by such a large number of factors and elements, you will require assistance from trusted and dependable estate planning attorney to guarantee that you will have the capacity to safe noteworthy time and exertion. Hence, today i will give you a regulated guide on the most proficient method to choose an estate planning attorney that will have the capacity to help you with estate planning and trust, ensure you read till end of this article. For starter, I recommend you to check Philippe Hancock and ask consultation with him to help you improve your financial management for your family.

The first step is figure out if you require an attorney or not. Regardless of the measure of your land or individual property, make a document pack and plan estate all alone is a smart thought. Nonetheless, with the assistance of professional legal help, you will have the capacity to guarantee that you are going into the right track. You can save cash by finding an attorney that are willing to counsel with you on a couple restricted issue and review the document you drafted yourself. In the event that you are decide to counsel an attorney, make a point to compile document and information about your property and resources, make a point to think ahead year how much your property would possibly worth and who you need to have proprietorship or control over it. The sorts of your own property and amount of your benefits will figure out what sort of attorney you have to search for.

The following stride is do some examination conceivable contender for estate planning and trust attorney. Since setting up trust and estate planning can be an intricate errand and you may require legal guarantee that you are getting destined for success. You can look qualified attorneys taking care of trusts and estates issues.

The following stride is ask recommendation from your family and friends. Your family and friends is the most ideal approach to begin since they may have experience with attorney and will give you a few tips and guarantee that you are getting the best one. On the off chance that you as of now have attorney, recommendation from your attorney can be use to get great trust attorney, in light of the fact that an attorney would have a decent comprehension of another attorney status, notoriety and experience.

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Will Dropshipping Work for You? Some Ecommerce Success Stories

Most people are looking for ways to increase their cash flow while spending as little time as possible working a second job. The number of people engaging in the side hustle is at an all-time high, and enterprising entrepreneurs are doing everything to generate that second income: picking up trash, walking dogs, tutoring, delivering goods, renting out their car, making healthy cat treats, and, of course, embarking on an ecommerce business!

If you have been thinking about breaking into the ecommerce market, but don’t want to invest too much money into the process, dropshipping may be one way for you to dabble without investing too much startup money or time.

What is dropshipping?  Dropshipping is a fulfillment method in which an ecommerce business does not keep products in stock. If your online store wants to sell a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, there is little to no startup cost or effort, except for developing your ecommerce business website, choosing from the many dropshipping suppliers who will shoulder the burdens of warehousing the product, shipping it, and supervising the employees required to pick and pack your orders. It will allow you to avail yourself of thousands of products you can sell to potential customers.

Why would I want to engage in dropshipping? The most obvious answer is that it doesn’t require you to develop, make, or house the products you sell. You do not have to purchase the raw materials required to create your product, and not buying or managing inventory means your initial startup fees and overhead expenses are quite low.

You can run your business from home, using a computer and internet, allowing you the freedom to work around your family, home, and primary employment obligations. You will not be tied to one location, allowing you the flexibility and freedom to make money wherever and whenever you want. Scalability for many businesses is a problem, but for dropshippers, you don’t have to worry about an increase in sales because you do not need to increase production. You can grow your business quickly and efficiently, with no concerns about product development or the logistics of shipping.

Does dropshipping work? Running a successful business requires time, effort, and energy. Even if you are not making the product, there will still be things you must do to bring your dream to fruition. The same is true for ecommerce businesses, including starting up your dropshipping company.

You will need to invest time in developing and maintaining a business website. For those with little internet or ecommerce experience, this may be more difficult than those who are more technologically savvy. You will need to learn about the many useful apps that can be added and set up payment platforms. Your dropshipping company will need well organized visual images and a plethora of products that consumers want, as well as suppliers who can provide them. You will want … Read More

Robo-advice and the missing human element

Technology is changing the consumer world and the financial sector is not only not immune to this development, but in many ways is at the forefront of developments.

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In terms of mortgages Robo-advisers are stalking the corridors of finance, and brokers are worried that they are stealing their jobs and threatening their positions. But do customers want the human touch when it comes to the most important financial decision of their lives? Certainly in other retail sectors technology is replacing the face-to-face contact of the High Street shops, so why should financial shopping be any different?


Well there may be a few reasons why not, but unquestionably the advances in Fintech over the past few years are impacting all aspects of advice, and mortgages as a product are no different, apart from the individual impact on finances.

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Financial adviser software of the sort provided by is an example of how the industry is changing and in some cases of how brokers and robo providers are teaming up together.

The advantage of robo advice is that it takes minutes, but are consumers happy to accept that in place of a human touch that may feel more reassuring when a life-changing decision is being made? The question is, can brokers use technology to reduce the time they spend with clients and still provide them with the correct option? Success in this area will keep brokers ahead of the game.

The Financial Conduct Authority published its Sector Views 2018 earlier this year and said they expected more firms to respond to changes in the socio-economic environment by developing products in the short to medium


One aspect that consumers need to be concerned about is protection. Mortgage advisers will try to ensure that their customers understand the need to have cover in place should they become unable to pay their mortgage and understand the debt they are taking on. Figures suggest that almost half of UK mortgage holders do not have the correct protection in place and industry experts have expressed concern that the growth of Robo advisers will increase this number.

What is clear is that it is impossible to turn the tide of innovation, but a balance will surely be reached between brokers and robo advisers.

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Why Print and Banner Ads Remain a Popular Marketing Tool

Amidst the popularity of digital and online marketing tools, there are still some traditional methods that remain relevant. Print advertising is not limited to magazines and newspapers. Another popular form of print advertising is the use of banners and billboards. Many establishments prefer banners as a way to promote products and services directly outside the establishment. It is highly informative and targets the general public. In addition to this, there are a few other benefits to using banners as an advertising method.


For small businesses, cash flow is the main challenge. Start-ups don’t always have the budget to spend on high-end digital ads. In lieu of this, small businesses use banners instead. It is not only inexpensive, but it is also easy to make. If you have a desktop computer with a decent editing software, you can make your own banner design and have it sent to banner printers. You don’t have to pay a graphic designer anymore to do it for you.


Wherever you plan on using your printed banners, it will be visible to all potential customers who pass by or see it. In trade fairs, for example, every person who goes in the door is a possible client. If your booth gets decent traffic, banners are sure to get the attention of everyone who passes by.


One of the characteristics of banner advertisements is that it can be used for as long or as short as needed. Every time it is displayed, there is a greater chance that people who see it will remember the name of your business. Banners reinforce brand recognition and are a really cheap way of doing so.

Banners are also easy to install and can be reused for as long as the content is still relevant. The effectiveness of banner ads cannot be refuted. They remain one of the most popular ways used to promote products and services. It is a real-time method of gaining customer attention.

Many businesses who participate in trade shows and events or have pop-up locations in weekend markets need banners and other signage to gain the attention of customers. The same is also true for brick and mortar establishments promoting sales and new product launches.

It is remarkably easy these days to find digital printers that use the latest technology in print ads. Materials such are vinyl are also used in printing banners which makes it more durable and resistant to weather. This makes vinyl banners waterproof and ideal for outdoor installation. You can also choose the dimensions of your banner, hence, making it suitable even for limited spaces. Another convenient option available to businesses today is the ability to order banners online. Simply email the specifications you need, and your banner will be delivered in time for when you need it.

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