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Maximising Your Skills: In-Demand IT Services

With so much of the world overwhelmed with technology, there’s no surprise that IT services have increased. It’s a great profession to get into as so many individuals and businesses need help with their electronics. If you’re already in the industry, you may be looking to branch out into more services. One great way to see what’s in demand within IT services is looking at customer reviews.

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There are a lot of people who only one IT service, so you’ll be widening your client base by adding more. Customer reviews of other companies are great to see what services are being used the most. If you are looking for a summary of some of the most sought-after IT services, you’re in luck. Below are just a few skills you could learn to maximise your service list.


A large number of companies have to collect customer information. This is incredibly sensitive data and needs to be protected. Data breaches where this information is exposed can bring bad press, which no business wants. There are few people trained in the field of cybersecurity. In the last year, the demand for security engineers has increased by 132%. Companies need to keep their network security tight, so it’s a great skill to have.

Mobile Application Developer 

Almost everyone nowadays owns a smartphone or some sort of device that stores applications. To develop these apps, you need to have a lot of know-how on the topic. Apps have become very popular as a way to sell products and services. Many companies want to have one created for their brand, which allows them to expand over platforms and reach out to more customers. An app can be easier access for some, so it’s a growing service.

Software Developer 

A software developer is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining any software systems. Every company needs a website or some form of software to gain customers and keep the business running smoothly. In order to become a software developer, you need to know how to work with multiple programs so you can create websites and other software. Once you’re skilled in this, you’re set for gaining a lot of clients.

Desktop Support Professionals 

With technology, problems are bound to occur at some point. Someone could be in the middle of a big project when their system crashes. This is why desktop support professionals are so popular because they are the quickest way to get the problem sorted. You’ll need the know-how on all technical issues to be able to help many different companies. It’s a service that will never die out.

It’s now time to broaden your skill-set and take up one of these in-demand services. These are just a few out there and since technology is expanding every day, they’ll be wanted for a long time. It’ll help you maximise your income adding a few extra services on to your list. All you have to do is find the right fit for you and … Read More

Things to know and do in order to become a better manager

At one point or the other, we all handled a particular office that saw to the smooth running of other sub-offices. Well, if you didn’t, maybe you limited the office to only those known with plenty of files on the desk, a secretary to attend to us and ourselves dressed in a suit with a bag or briefcase.

That notwithstanding, from the smooth running of the home to the coordination of the classroom, they all deal on taking care that all things are in order and all parts perform their functions and that in simpliciter is what a manager does, making sure that everyone and everything is in order. But then, delineating it to the business and finance perspective, we still need to know who a manager is in that perspective, what are the dos and don’ts that makes a manager a good manager.

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Who is a manager

The English dictionary defines a manager to be one whose job is to manage something, such as a business, a restaurant, or a sports team. Put more succinctly, Managers are responsible for the processes of getting activities completed efficiently with and through other people and setting and achieving the firm’s goals through the execution of four basic management functions: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. From the above, a manager achieves goals through other people’s efforts (employees) and he does this because he listens to them. Thus, listening to customers and employees is one of the many characteristics that make a good manager.

Listening to customers

It is the customers that majorly determine the success of any business. Of course, customers are majorly influenced by the quality and affordability of your product as well as the way your employees respond to them making all of those important as well. However, when your customers are happy with your business, they will always come back and bring more. The reverse will be the case when they are not happy. Based on this, it is important to listen to your customers. One of the best ways to listen to your customers is reading reviews that they have left for you on reviews platforms like


Listening to your employees

For an efficient running of a business, you should endeavor to listen to your employees. This act of listening creates a harmonious environment because psychologists have proven that everyone loves to be listened to at one time or the other. Aside from that, better listening to your employees gives you an awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, makes you know what their thoughts are, and creates a better relationship between you and them which is highly beneficial for your business.


Manage by Trust, not by fear

A healthy workplace is one where the key element is trust, while where fear predominates is a fear-based workplace. You’ll see employees run away from a place that is managed by fear.

Where managers use the power of their position to control their team. Management by fear is simply not a … Read More

Impact of Covid-19 on seaports & how maritime industry adapted to it

COVID-19 had a huge impact on corporate industries, affecting them badly. Seaports and the maritime industry was no exception. The pandemic made seaports and the marine industry face the worst conditions. The industry came to halt completely due to the rise in infections because of COVID-19. Due to the possible contamination of the viruses through cargos, the ships were made to stand still for a quarantine period (period of isolation). The global maritime industry was affected throughout the pandemic. Major import and exports chains faced drastic downfalls. At the same time, several countries imposed a ban on the entry of vessels and containers through other ports, especially that those of China’s ( because as we all know the origin of the virus was from China). Some of the challenges faced by seaports and the marine industry are disclosed below:

How COVID-19 is affecting the shipping industry - and how to navigate  through the storm - The Greencarrier blog

Closing of Seaports:

After the immediate effects of quarantine, all seaports got closed to ensure the well being of port workers. Trade ban was imposed on the ships of various countries which also created chaos. Certain countries banned vessels from entering their ports leaving them nowhere in the middle of the seas. The whole situation caused global mayhem among the marine transport industry.

Less demand for cargos:

The countries tried their best to avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19. Certain new standard instructions were imposed by these countries which limited the transportation of cargos by sea. The continuous postponement of the delivery reduced the demand for shipments.

Disputes between owners and charters:

Due to the increasing loss of money and time between both parties, the tussle of the carters and owners was on the rise. With time, this dispute became much worse.

Discussion on pandemic clauses:

A new ruling has been added as a clause while forming new contracts between charters and ship owners. Both parties wanted to add infectious disease guidelines and directives in their new and existing contracts to be safe. Adding the clause also led to disagreements between the litigants.

The bankruptcy of small companies:

Small companies engaged in the marine and transport business had gone bankrupt due to the pandemic. The inaptitude of handling the accounting of the company led them to bankruptcy. COVID-19 had impacted a lot of small companies, even forcing them to shut down their businesses completely.

Responses to the pandemic:

When the crisis was sky high, the maritime and transport industry adapted new methods like reducing costs, implementing strict discipline, and cutting capacity to preserve profits. As a result of which despite the depressing demands, the freight level remained the same. Although the shippers had to face issues like delayed delivery dates, space limitations of transportable goods.

To cope with the pandemic situation, the whole industry tried to adjust its safety protocols, finances, operations and working practices. Governments also intervened using the port authorities, custom administrator and border authorities. They reformed the whole transport business and guidelines, keeping the trade going as well as looking after the industry workers.

Harnessing the digital transformation:

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Methods to Improve your Business if Not Going Well

 In recent years the world has seen plenty of ups and downs. It will not be false if we say that companies build and fall in a few days. Well, many factors contribute to a company or a business fall. In case you are the boss of your place and need to take it higher, but the things are not in your favor and make the situation reverse. Have you ever thought, what if your business is not doing well? People react in the dumbest ways in such situations, but you should know how to tackle the downfall.

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Keep calm and compose your body, think clear and let the new ideas roll in. Get some ideas from the internet, search for small business loans online reviews and get going. It will help you calm down and get the right help you need. You can visit and get to know about the business loans companies provide and how well they are going.

How to tackle the downfall

Keep calm, and don’t stress. The thing is called stress management. If you feel low and can see your company dooming, you are sure to get stressed over everything you see, even in your personal life. This is killing behavior and can do no good for you in such a critical time. You should seek help and get stress management therapy to control your anger and stress.

Evaluate your position

We stand, and we fall, there is nothing wrong with a little fall down, but the thing is never to underestimate yourself. Always think for a way out and estimate your value. Estimate your value based on your intelligence and not your failure. If you keep focusing on your failure, you are sure to lose your mind and the business.

Take a stand

You should be able to take a stand for yourself and your business now. Don’t let others take over you and your actions. Do not follow what everyone is telling you. After all it is your life and your business, and you know how to get it back in the market.

Look for options

It would be best to think about the available options that can be used and think about the way to get to them. Do not just give up and let the business end itself, and it will be suicide! Keep one thing in your mind: you are much more than that, and you can make the business work again. Free your mind from the failure and evaluate the options that can be availed.


It is possible to be a businessman, but a successful business person must go through failures to get to the highest place. “Great people were not made great overnight”, they went through failure to become a success. This is not a statement but an attitude. Live like there is no tomorrow and give it all you got, even if it pushes you back!

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Banks or Internet Platforms: Which is better to get financial help from?

There are many options that people can utilize when they are looking for the money they need as soon as possible to solve a problem. There is always the option of being patient until they can raise the money and then solve the problem. However, waiting is sometimes not feasible and could be too late. The other option will be taking a loan. When you want to take a loan, you should read online business finance solutions services on to know the best companies to get a loan from.

When it comes to getting a loan, there are also many options to choose from. The options range from family members and friends to banks, internet platforms and other financial institutions. However, it is easier to get a loan from financial institutions than from family members and friends. When you want to get a loan from financial institutions, you could choose between banks and internet platforms. This article will discuss the pros and cons of getting financial help from banks and internet platforms as well as which is the best option.

Pros and cons of taking a loan from a bank

Some of the pros and cons of taking a loan from the bank are discussed subsequently.

Pros of taking a loan from a bank

The pro of taking a loan from the bank is discussed subsequently.

Cheaper interest rate

The major advantage you will benefit from taking a loan from a bank is a cheaper interest rate. It is easier for the bank to provide a cheaper interest rate because they have all their interests protected. Hence, it will be difficult or almost impossible for anyone to run away with their money. They are also guided by a Central Bank that sets what their interest rate should be. Hence, their interest rates are often cheaper compared to when you are getting a loan from an online platform. Even if you die or get seriously ill and can’t pay back, they can easily retrieve your collateral, sell it and recover the money they loaned you from it.

Cons of taking a loan from a bank

The cons of taking a loan from a bank are discussed subsequently.

Plenty of paperwork

You will be required to do a lot of paperwork and they will also do a lot of confirmation that will take time. Hence, you might be required to visit the bank severally and it will also affect how soon you can access the loan you want to borrow and start using it.


Collateral is another pro of taking a loan from the bank. You will be required to drop a car, house or other assets that are worth more than the loan you want to collect. In some cases, you might not have up to that amount available. The implication is that you won’t be able to access the loan as you will be denied.

Pros and cons of taking a loan from an Internet platform

Some of … Read More