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The aftermath of recent ransomware attacks continues

Weeks after the Petya cyber-attack, organisations around the world are still dealing with the aftermath and yet to resume operations as normal.

Reckitt Benckiser, the company behind Dettol cleaning products and many more, has confirmed that its systems may not be back to full working order until August and that the malware outbreak has impacted the company financially.

The Petya attack, which hit the company in July, brought production and shipping to a standstill at some of its manufacturing sites across Europe, which were gradually rectified and functioning as normal by mid-July, two weeks after the initial attack. The disruption to production resulted in delays in shipping and invoicing, affecting sales throughout the region.

Around 54% British businesses experienced a Ransomware attack in 2016, which saw their users files locked down.  Knowledge of this malware is key, to avoid being at the mercy of cybercriminals.

Infographic provided by UK IT support company, TSG.

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Top Adventure Sports for Adrenaline Junkies in Dubai

Sure, it’s easy to be beguiled by Dubai’s extravagant glitz and glamour, the city’s hedonistic nightlife and plentiful shopping that ranges from glitzy luxury malls to decadent gold and spice souks. However, if you’re looking for a Dubai tour packages that brings out the daredevil in you, we recommend getting your thrill on with Dubai’s high-octane adventure sports. But, before we go any further, why should you head to Dubai?

It is only in Dubai that you will find a diverse array of adventure sports options that lead you through the sand, sea and snow. Only in Dubai will these attractions coexist within an arm’s length of each other where visitors can feel the adrenaline rush.


Snowboarding has been around for long enough for it to be declared as an official sport of the Winter Olympics. Now, imagine strapping your feet to a board, just like a snowboard, but using it to scale massive sand dunes! The rush is addictive enough for Dubai’s stunt riders to head to the Big Red, where you can book a dune buggy or ATV ride to a large dune and launch yourself off the very top. Most tour operators will also throw in a spot of dune bashing, or driving through Dubai’s sandy mounds on a rugged SUV. As your sandy adventure draws to a close, take some time off to watch the sun go down over Dubai’s panoramic skyline.

Skiing and snowboarding

If you have what it takes for a thorough rinse and repeat of your dune-top adventure, head to Ski Dubai. One of Dubai’s most talked-about attractions that has one of the largest manmade ski slopes on the planet, Ski Dubai combines 6,000 tonnes of snow with a 400 metre-slope to offer you the skiing adventure of a lifetime. Temperatures dip as low as -9 degrees C so make sure to bundle up. The resort also offers lessons for beginners. When you tire of skiing, head to the indoor zip-line or take a trip to the petting zoo, where you can indulge in a ‘VIP Peng-Friend Encounter’ that involves hobnobbing with penguins in a private room.


Another favourite with thrill-seekers, wakeboarding is actually a lot tamer than sand or snowboarding. Wakeboarding involves riding a wakeboard over a relatively still body of water, while a motorboat tows you along at speeds of roughly 30-40 km/h. Dubai’s Jebel Ali area is a wakeboarding hotspot – head to the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa and embark on your seaside adventure near the Palm Jebel Ali. The resort also offers wetsuit and board rentals… all you need to bring along is your sense of adventure and a little cash.

F1 driving

Dubai’s reputation as being the playground of speed demons is thoroughly cemented by the Dubai Autodrome. Here, you can sign up for a crash course in F1 driving, which involves a quick classroom session and a spin on a lightweight, but incredibly fast car. Feel the speed course through your body as … Read More

Divorcing A Narcissist Can Be a High Conflict Affair

You know the type. The guy who has his own beliefs about prestige and power. The guy who lives in his damage causing reality without regret. Psychologists call these people narcissists. They play a dangerous game with people to control and to abuse. Narcissists are actors. They create a façade, and they steal personal energy whenever they can. They can sweep women off their feet with convincing stories and inflated promises. And when the narcissist feels the time is right for marriage, he will do and say anything to walk down the aisle or go to the courthouse to tie the knot.

But it doesn’t take long for these masters of deception to show their true colors. Many women put up with the irrational behavior and the lies until it’s too late. They have children, and they submit to the torture for the kids’ sake. But sooner or later, living with a narcissist becomes unbearable. His temper tantrums are more frequent and his abuse is more severe. The only recourse most women have is divorce.

But divorcing a narcissist is a high conflict affair. That’s why it’s important to find a lawyer who understands narcissistic behavior and can build a case the judge can understand. The divorce battle is a lesson in family warfare. The trauma-ridden spouse must explain the manipulation, abuse, control, and the devastating influence the narcissist has on the children. And the narcissist mounts a legal response overflowing with factual distortions, blatant lies, and character degradation

The judge and the professionals who are part of this process must weed out the lies and distortions, and take a look here, there, and everywhere for the real facts. But the experts don’t always get it right. The main concern in these messy divorces is the children. And some judges feel both parties are to blame for the marital breakup. When that happens, the innocent spouse goes through more trauma and pain.

For years, the courts didn’t understand narcissism. The courts didn’t understand how a mild-mannered man could turn into a Mr. Hyde in a heartbeat. High conflict people love to fight. And a court battle is a chance to use their pleasing personality to gain the court’s respect.

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is real. We see a perfect example of a gifted narcissist in President Trump. The Republican Party would love to divorce Trump, but will be an uphill battle. And the reason it will be an uphill battle is people believe him. He is a master chameleon. And he will stop at nothing to control, manipulate, and create phony facts to keep his ego and the egos of other narcissists satisfied.

There are lawyers who know how to handle people with NPD in court. Lawyers like Phoenix lawyer, Ron Saper, and other lawyers like him, have the experience and the knowledge to deal with NPD in court. There is hope for women who need help, and the courts are trying to help once judges understand what a … Read More

How to play Unblocked Games – Easy Guidelines

Classrooms of today have grown to be a significant technology dependent with all the current laptops in category and the utilization of multi-media projection to instruct the youngsters. With new technology comes new coaching methods but you have to bear in mind that such methods might be interesting for quite a while but eventually children can be bored particularly if the main topic of the lecture being provided is not with their interest.

The condition children face:

Such children are scarcely able to concentrate their attention on the uninteresting lesson and, because of this, they try to learn new things you can do. A very important factor that the students first change towards is in fact video games.

They start doing offers for quite a while to recharge their brains in order to give attention to the lessons again nevertheless the school plank is also alert to this. They know that children can misuse this new technology in a category by participating in music or video games hence they conjure up something which helps those to stop all the unwanted entertainment. Because of this, the student struggles to play or even gain access to any game!

The answer:

Students, motivated by need eventually think of a solution which helps them be rid of the challenge at hand. The answer comes in the proper execution of unblocked games titles. The students can just go to the internet and begin playing a common games and they’ll not be found. It is because such websites can go the strictest safety program and the kids can get access to it and in addition to the best safety program will never be in a position to know that you will be doing offers while all the video games are blocked!

There is certainly one major good thing about having this solution in the 21t hundred years. Within the classrooms today, the pupils should utilize the great information on the internet to increase their knowledge or do for some sort of process designated to them. This factor helps it be better to play video games because the tutor might feel that you are centered on doing all your work while, the truth is, you are purpose on passing the amount of the overall game you are participating in.

This site will not rely upon exterior factors which imply that the kids can play these video games at any time and at everywhere they want. On this website, you will notice a huge set of a number of unblocked games. This variety of game is not limited to anybody form or genre of game. Every genre of game has various video games to choose from to enable you to pick the the one that satisfies your need. These game titles can either be difficult or mind-boggling, violent or puzzling but overall, you should have great fun participating in these games.

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Some Of These Things Can Cause Your Minimarket To Grow

A minimarket will develop when managed properly. In the midst of today’s competitive retail business, marketing strategy and handling of goods and the ability of coordination among personnel plays an important role. If your minimarket is still difficult to grow, it means there is something wrong with your work system. What makes the minimarket difficult to grow?

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There are important points to be underlined about the management of a good minimarket. Now look at what components of each interact within the minimarket.

  • Employees, including managers, cashiers, clerks, warehouse and other staff
  • Goods
  • Supplier
  • Customer
  • Facilities and Infrastructure including software, hardware and other minimarket fittings.
  • You as a business owner.

All these components must be well coordinated so that every process that happens can run smoothly. What is the relevance of these six components so that they can cause your minimarket to grow?

The division of Duties and Responsibilities is not clear

Employees as the main actors must be able to work in accordance with their job description as well as interact with fellow employees, goods, suppliers and customers. Inevitably employees must perform their duties in accordance with the positions they hold.

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If in minimarket you still happen things like the warehouse to arrange items on the store shelf or even serve the buyer who will pay, then it belongs to the division of tasks that are not clear. Cashier must stand by in place, cannot leave the place unless there is something important. For the part of organizing the goods, the clerk must do it.

While the warehouse staff perform duties in the warehouse environment such as serving suppliers and input goods to the software minimarket.

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The manager as the boss runs the task of coordinating his colleagues to work well. It seems inappropriate if the managers participate in organizing goods let alone mop the floor.

Unclear division of tasks can be one cause the minimarket is difficult to develop because employees do not focus on their work.

Relationship between Employees, Suppliers, Non-Harmonious Business Owners

However comfort in working in the minimarket is also influenced by the harmony of good relations between subjects in it.

You certainly can imagine what if there is tension between individuals in the work environment, right? This can certainly lead to the development of minimarket hampered because they are busy with his ego.

As much as possible, keep the relationships between individuals involved, can with a regular briefings and even family gathering.

Facilities and Infrastructure Less Adequate

Equipment in the minimarket must be maintained in order to function properly. There are several things concerning equipment that often occurs trouble and should immediately require special handling. For example minimarket cash register software is not reliable, slow performance and so forth. The availability of backup computers and UPS as well as good computer networks is essential to support the work.

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