Are You Apartment Hunting? 5 Types of Screenings You Should Expect

When you fill out a rental application, you will need to provide several pieces of information that will be verified through screening. Be prepared before you head out to look for a new apartment by understanding what types of screenings landlords routinely perform. 


1. Personal Interview 

You and your landlord may not have to interact constantly, but you should be compatible since you are entering into a business arrangement.  Expect a personal interview at the start of the application process. Be honest and upfront about any issues, and make sure you ask questions, too. 

2. Credit Report

Any potential landlord will want to know if you are good about paying your financial obligations. That means they will run a check against your credit report to look for any potential red flags. It can be a good idea to request a copy ahead of time to ensure it is accurate and up to date.

3. Previous Rental History

Expect to provide information about any previous rentals and the relationships you had with landlords. You should have contact information available to pass along because they will probably want to verify that information. They may also check with an eviction database to see if you have had problems in the past that did not end up in an actual eviction proceeding. 

4. Criminal Background Check

Your criminal history for the past seven years may be reviewed as part of the application process. A criminal background check can cover local, state, or national databases. Felonies, misdemeanors, and other criminal offenses such as tickets and fines may appear on the search. Current outstanding warrants may show up also if they have been recorded. 

5. Income and Employment Verification

When you fill out an application for a rental unit, you will be asked some basic questions about your income and employment status. You should expect this information to be verified, either through a request for paystub, a call or email to your job, or both. If all or part of your income comes from non-traditional sources you should be prepared to provide documentation to back it up. 

When you arrive prepared, it gives a positive impression to a potential landlord or agent. Knowing what to expect during the rental application process can help you preemptively minimize any negative pings on credit or background screenings. … Read More

7 Steps to Becoming a Keynote Speaker

Everyone has something they’re good at doing. The thing is trying to find out what that particular thing is. And then once you find out, putting forward the effort to become good at it.

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Being a keynote speaker is a job that not everyone is very good at. It takes time and patience. It also takes being open-minded similar to other areas of business coaching.

Secrets to Becoming a Keynote Speaker

Below are a few tips on becoming a good keynote speaker.

  1. find a niche
  2. determine the best audience
  3. attend seminars and practice
  4. speak for free
  5. advertise online
  6. focus
  7. network

A niche is simply something that is done well by a person. They are good at it and feel very comfortable discussing it. A good piece of advice will be to continue to master this area.

The content is something that is familiar to the speaker. The subject is something that he/she already knows a good deal about. Now strengthening this knowledge is the key.

Next, discover the best type of audience. Sure many audiences will have an interest in this particular speech content. However, the speaker needs to find out what specific audiences will be enthusiastic about it?

What audience will be willing to pay to listen? What audiences will be willing to travel to hear this speaker? What audiences will be more than willing to spread by word of mouth good information concerning this speaker.

When this group is found, don’t lose them? Hand out business cards. Let them know where and when the next meeting will take place. Find out more about them. What does this group have in common? Use this information to locate others.

Practice, practice and more practice is what an upcoming successful speaker needs to do. Practice in front of friends and family. Old friends can be exceptionally honest, which is precisely what is needed. Ask them what they liked and didn’t like about the speech and then listen.

Attending seminars can be exciting and fun. Attending speech seminars can give an upcoming speaker quite a few pointers. Even if the seminar doesn’t relate to speaking, just watching how the professional speaker conducts himself is beneficial.

Giving free speeches is nothing new. Free speeches are given all the time, especially at charities. Consider giving free speeches to determine your abilities. To determine your strengths and weaknesses. Once the speaker is completely comfortable with his abilities he can then begin charging.

Online advertising can make a lot of sense when attempting to become known. Building a website exploring the skills of the speaker is an excellent idea. A website can allow customers who are looking for a speaker for certain events can be beneficial.

As the speaker continues to make himself known in this particular field, he may have to find employment doing other things. However, as he begins to move into other areas in order to make money, he needs to stay focused and not forget his main goal. Staying focused is … Read More

Employee Fulfillment Approach

A team’s success depends upon its members passion for their work. Their eagerness to get to work, their excitement to participate and the care they take to complete projects. This extends itself to being respectful and considerate of other team members. The team encourages one another to succeed which benefits their work.

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A team that is handled well and is driven by a positive, holistic approach that ensure the well-being of team members is bound to outlast any other team, output a high quality of work and experience higher employee satisfaction and loyalty. The Business Leadership book calls this approach a Employee Fulfillment.

The Business Leadership book calls managers who focus on their team’s fulfillment as fulfillment focused managers. They believe in ensuring that their employees are in sync with their passion, values and strengths and do their best work with as much independence as possible.

Fulfillment-focused managers have a better chance of retaining employees who output a high quality of work compared to Performance-focused managers whose employees are under so much pressure that they are often overwhelmed and the teams experience a high turnover rate costing the company revenue.

The Business Leadership books describes another type of manager, the Performance-focused managers who use the old way of micro-managing and controlling their employees with the hope that it will have them work faster for more output.

There’s a solely outcome based focus. Their only concern is that employees are meeting their quotas. If not, the manager takes it upon themselves to cajole, micromanage, force or monitor employees to carry out their work. This puts extreme pressure on the employee, the manager and the team. It leads to an unhappy team and employees who simply do the bare minimum and dash out of there the minute ‘home-time’ comes calling.

Managers who focus on the fulfillment of their team build successful teams with happy employees who are eager to contribute and own their projects. Their team members go the extra mile with regards to their work.

Evidence shows that when employees are fulfilled, they perform better, in fact they outperform, exceed expectations and easily meet deadlines and quotas.. Fulfillment-focused managers focus on helping each member of their team tap into what fulfills them, whether the team is growing, taps into each member’s strengths and creating a great work experience .

There is a misconception that force is the only way to get maximum performance out of an employee. While this may work, it often results in late deadlines, employee burnout, high employee turnover rate. Like the story of the goose with the golden egg, most people understand that killing the goose stops its egg production, but pressuring it will slow down production and dry it up.

On the other hand a happy goose that is treated well will lay golden eggs for far much longer and faster and higher in number than one that is mistreated. Fulfillment managers understand this and treat their employees well.

A fulfillment focused approach focuses on helping … Read More

These Simple Steps Will Help Anyone Become More Spiritually Connected

It might go without saying, but numerous experts have linked sincere spirituality with an increased sense of well being along with countless other positive characteristics of a fulfilling life. Whether it is comfort through a difficult situation or a link to something larger than this earthly existence, many people are searching for a way to find meaning through a deeper and more abiding faith. While a devotion to the process is necessary in all cases, there are a few methods that have proven effective in nurturing and growing the spirituality of those who desire the change. Keep the following tips in mind if you are attempting to get closer to that side of your personality.


Seek Advice

As with any potentially life changing event, it can really pay off to find counsel and guidance from those who have already made — or are currently on — a similar spiritual journey. For some, this could be a member of clergy, close friend or a member of the family. There are also great resources in the form of longstanding institutions including The Way International, which are dedicated to building spiritual awareness for people in all walks of life. The bottom line is that those who are asking questions and seeking to build their faith can find powerful resources in a variety of places. 

Make Connections

The first step might be the most difficult, but it is also critical for opening the door to future growth. This is often found in fellowship with other people with similar beliefs and goals. Building faith and increasing spirituality through private moments is often an awe-inspiring event in this process, the connections formed in the process can often be a source of comfort and strength. Whether through corporate worship, one-on-one study or even an online chat, this is a vital aspect in the spiritual advancement if almost anyone seeking such an outcome.

Set Expectations

Though it is advisable to enter into this process with an open mind and a willingness to explore new ideas, there is also a case to be made for establishing a realistic idea of what might result from the pursuit. Is it for a more complex understanding of God and the universe? Maybe a desire to make the best choices for the future? No matter what a person hopes to achieve from exercising faith more fully, setting out clear expectations and desires at the outset can make all the difference.
There are as many reasons to seek spiritual guidance and growth as there are humans hoping to accomplish exactly that goal. If you or someone you love is currently endeavoring this important but often misunderstood pursuit, the steps outlined above can be great moves as the process gets underway. From there, the goal is to get deeper into whichever avenues seem most appropriate and fulfilling. The end result might not be clear right away, but the feelings of belonging and security that often result from the exploit are likely to reveal themselves … Read More